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On and for a Strike

catch 22

Labor often institutes strikes to exhibit its value when it feels exploited. Writing is a labor of the heart and soul. When the words disappear, the value is rarely on exhibition. This Catch 22 is different from all others.

L is for Language

WikiCommons Coal Car

Ever opened a book and been convinced it was written in another language? Let’s not do that.

F is for Fiction

Letter F

Storytellers of the world bring us the greatest and worst fiction we have ever read. Part of the difference is how one decides what is fiction and what is not. In this case, we will agree with the tomatoes. Fiction is a story about imaginary people, places or events. It is complete license to lie, […]

Because it should be fun.

typing hands

There is nothing cooler than being told you write like one of the greats. Usually.

Saturday Evening Post

red wine glass

For the first time since M3 was born, I have no energy for a post. If you would like to hear the tale, please, grab a cuppa and snuggle in. The temperature will be dropping soon, so do pick up a blanket.