music notesM3 has interviewed a number of artists and bands. Take a few moments to listen to the sounds of the artists who made their way to M3.

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Monti Rock

Monti RockAn Alternative Bass Technician for your listening pleasure.


From Light to Dark: A Journey Into Basslands

Singles from Monti Rock

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Novachild HaviaNovachild, original music produced by Bruce Rich, is predominantly electronic at heart, echoing everything from krautrock & jazz to IDM and ambient. Bruce is also a business owner, producer, percussionist, VJ and podcaster.

Our Pleasant Moments Fly


Ice Cold

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Come Back Buddy

Come Back Buddy, Harrah's Casino, Las Vegas NV

Come Back Buddy is a 3-piece rock-n-roll band inspired by the legendary “Buddy Holly and the Crickets.”  The trio’s repertoire includes the music of many artists from the 50’s era including Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Ricky Nelson, and of course, Buddy Holly.

A White Sport Coat

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Marc Amendola

Marc Amendola ~ Fear The State

Marc Amendola is a producer, songwriter, singer and guitarist who produces music from all genres all across the USA. He is currently releasing Fear The State’s latest CD, offering classes at his studio in West Haven, Connecticut and searching for the best talent around.

Wake Another Day

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