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This page is dedicated to my loyal, reading colleagues and fellow travelers of the blogosphere. Take a moment to leave a link to your blog. Introduce yourself and give others an accurate idea of what your blog’s primary focus is. Then, take a moment to visit another blog.

If you see someone you would recommend, give their link a thumbs up and reply to their post with profuse, albeit sincere, praise.

The Alumni Club houses the most popular of the blogs from The Green Room. When you get a moment, stop by and see who is a star with The M3 Readers.

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  1. Anything and everything that happens in Toronto

    Under the Toronto Sun –

    Employment and unemployment stories

    9 – 5 –

    Every week a new chapter of the novel Voice of an Angel

    Voice of an Angel –

    For cat lovers

    Feline Corner –

  2. I have three active blogs, but it says only one link, so I will go with the one that has a theme of “everything” (the others have special themes)


  3. No Planet B! An Activists perspective

  4. Rita Wechter – travel and adventure in North America

  5. hi Ann Marie Dwyer, I write a blog at
    which contains highly variable and topical subject matter. (The latest live link would include a publishing announcement, so I have not included it here ) Thanks!
    I am a freelancer, I write fiction, short stories, and children’s books in addition to writing for sites like Helium and niche marketing. Ebook publishing is a new experience for me. Thanks for reminding me about the bio for Smashwords. “:)


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