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The Green Room

Mix and Mingle

This page is dedicated to my loyal, reading colleagues and fellow travelers of the blogosphere. Take a moment to leave a link to your blog. Introduce yourself and give others an accurate idea of what your blog’s primary focus is. Then, take a moment to visit another blog.

If you see someone you would recommend, give their link a thumbs up and reply to their post with profuse, albeit sincere, praise.

The Alumni Club houses the most popular of the blogs from The Green Room. When you get a moment, stop by and see who is a star with The M3 Readers.


Image by Riemer Palstra via Flickr


Looking for your link to be approved? Heed.

  • Leave only one comment with a link to your active blog(s).
  • No addresses from eBay, Amazon or any other product site.
  • If you have a book or album you are promoting, inbox me.
  • No email addresses (Put them on your Gravatar.)

I will not tolerate spam under any circumstances.

Post, Share, Link, Rate, Enjoy.


PS Stop by and post a link to your latest blog post on I have more than 5,000 contacts. on Facebook. Just a few more readers to reach!

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  1. Hello Red and Red’s readers,
    I’m known as Hellis or H.E. here in blogworld, and I started my blog as a means to promote my novel. If you visit my blog you will see that this endeavor has gone terribly, terribly wrong…

  2. Hi Everyone!!! I’m Mystery Coach. I run around laughing, offering suggestions, scolding, identifying and playing with people here in blog world. I’m a paralegal & thanks to Red’s great idea the other day, I made a phone call and now I have an attorney who I work for from home. I also studied life coaching and continue to educate myself in all things psychological.

    I don’t believe coaching should be used without knowledge in psychology because some things, slide over to the psychological end rather quickly so I decided to educate myself more. The other very real reason was because it’s difficult to build a business. I ran a private network for 5 years for personal growth which was an amazing place full of great people. Much like here in blog world 🙂

    So, Hey Everyone! If you have the time, I would love to see you. No, I don’t have anyone’s answers due to my experience, you have that. If you’re looking that is… 🙂 Sometimes we all just need a little push.


    Thank you Red! 🙂

  3. Live Clay: art. writing. humor. raising a teenager. single parent. nuts. and sometimes dogs, mice, and recipes (but not together).


    Thank you, Red, for this little room where we can meet & greet. BTW, that was me who replied to our “Manhole” comment thread yesterday. Not sure why it was posted as Anonymous–user error! I guess I wasn’t myself that day.

    • Red

       /  March 8, 2012

      Stop by the Welcome Home! page to find out why. I am working on it…Ugh. Glad you made it here. You will find a lot of people you will enjoy here.

  4. Hello! 🙂
    Red has asked that I pop by and leave a few particulars, so here I am!
    I’ve been blogging since 2010 so I suppose that could mean I’m still new at it, although I’ve tried to post every day, which adds up to quite a few posts. I don’t have a particular main theme that runs through my site, it is mostly about, well, anything and everything really. I like the random aspects of everything in, out and around the Universe, and hope that I convey a ‘feel good’ vibe through my posts.
    Oh, I have a few ‘characters’ that pop up from time to time as well, and they feature in several of my posts, and then there’s… well, there’s too much to go into detail in this introduction, I’ll just say there’s other ‘things’ too. Please feel free to visit, if you so wish. I’m sure things will make sense eventually… Tom 😀
    Tom recently posted..In a dimension adjacent to this oneMy Profile

  5. Hi,

    I’m Binky. Well, at least that’s what my avatar says.

    I have a little comic strip over at http://www.comics.wombania.com/ which follows the antics of Chris and the bunch of Wombies (Binky, Winky, Twink, and Fraz) who came to live with him and ended up taking over his life. The Wombies like chocolate, wine gums, rockets, and annoying Chris. And they’re really good at the last one.
    Binky recently posted..Power Lemonade StandMy Profile

  6. Red

     /  March 25, 2012

    Tony Powers left me a comment on About Momma, so I moved it here…

    Ann Marie er – Red, Thanks for the sub…but “Baying at the Moon” is my old NOW DEFUNCT site. ALL posts are always at Barking in the Dark. http://www.barkinginthedark.com See u there? And will continue to check u out also. Continue

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