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This page is dedicated to my loyal, reading colleagues and fellow travelers of the blogosphere. Take a moment to leave a link to your blog. Introduce yourself and give others an accurate idea of what your blog’s primary focus is. Then, take a moment to visit another blog.

If you see someone you would recommend, give their link a thumbs up and reply to their post with profuse, albeit sincere, praise.

The Alumni Club houses the most popular of the blogs from The Green Room. When you get a moment, stop by and see who is a star with The M3 Readers.

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Looking for your link to be approved? Heed.

  • Leave only one comment with a link to your active blog(s).
  • No addresses from eBay, Amazon or any other product site.
  • If you have a book or album you are promoting, inbox me.
  • No email addresses (Put them on your Gravatar.)

I will not tolerate spam under any circumstances.

Post, Share, Link, Rate, Enjoy.


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  1. Red, love your basic caveat.
    Somehow I managed to garner over 1000 subscribers…. probably because I’ve been writing on YoYo-Dyne since 2006. Time heals all wounds and wounds all heals 😉

    You know where to find me xo
    Rachael Black recently posted..A Serious Post from your usually Not Serious Bi Polar WriterMy Profile

  2. Well hey there! I’ve been wandering the hallowed halls of M3 for a week or so (I think…it’s a labyrinth in here!) and have finally found the Green Room. Do pop by my cave and browse. I love flash fiction and writing for prompts, so you’ll find all sorts of odd bits scattered over there.
    Andree’ Robinson-Neal/AR Neal recently posted..Hot Flash: It’s In the BloodMy Profile

  3. Hiya! Thanks for the invitation.

    My comic is “Perk at Work” and can be found at:

    The comic revolves around a cafe worker named Perk and his interactions with customers and coworkers. Fun stuff to read on your coffee break!
    Jason recently posted..Lard WeightsMy Profile

    This is a blog site about all things tolerance, where everyone is welcome to come and chat, civilly, in hopes that “we” all learn to agree to disagree under an umbrella of loving acceptance. Visitors with agendas to sway, proselytize or spread hatred best not comment.

    Thank you.
    Paulette Mahurin recently posted..“Debut novelist wins top San Diego award”My Profile

  5. Hi Red! I have moved my blog over to WordPress! Here is the address:

    Thank you for all of the support getting me there, and I am completely satisfied. I am just having trouble getting the music widget to work. I guess we newbies try all of the gimmicky stuff at first, haha.


  6. Just a flasher; check it out! I can satisfy you in 150 words or less. 😉
    Sam Helms recently posted..Flash in the Pan: ScurvyMy Profile

  7. Thank you for allowing me to hang out in the green room. My writing is generally darkly personal inspiration with a side of slapstick.

  8. I am slow on the draw sometimes, but only because I do a lot of blogging.
    Joe recently posted..A Mail Order Bride SurpriseMy Profile

  9. I *think* this is where I’m supposed to come to report for duty… But then again I *think* quite often, and am still none to sure as to how successful that whole operation’s been as of yet.

    Hope my first entry here doesn’t result in it being my last, and here’s my general site – – should you wish peruse my other works of fiction, music snobbery and general pontification.
    troy P. recently posted..Down So Long…My Profile

  10. Hey there, I’m Rob and I blog about whatever. I am a fan of surf and surf music, and so some of my blog is dedicated to that, but don’t let the name fool you; it’s not 100% surf. Not yet. I like to think of surfing as a metaphor.
    Rob’s Surf Report recently posted..Next year’s Summer vacationMy Profile


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