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This page is dedicated to my loyal, reading colleagues and fellow travelers of the blogosphere. Take a moment to leave a link to your blog. Introduce yourself and give others an accurate idea of what your blog’s primary focus is. Then, take a moment to visit another blog.

If you see someone you would recommend, give their link a thumbs up and reply to their post with profuse, albeit sincere, praise.

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  1. Hello everyone!

    My name is John. I live in the Denver-metro area.

    My blog is not a ‘niche’ blog — I don’t blog about just one subject. I don’t think I’m wired to be able to give that much focus to one topic.

    My blog is a hodgepodge of things. Most of my posts tend to be longform — 1000+ words (I like to talk). I write about caring for my mom (she’s almost 90), life as a gay man, being HIV+, about depression and anxiety. I share music, things to make you laugh, and, I’ve recently started posting stories for Flash In The Pan.
    John Nooney recently posted..Cleaning Up The Old Blogs: Emergency RoomsMy Profile

  2. Hello Red!

    As requested, here is the link to my blog:
    FigureVII: Radicle

    My site just contains my thoughts. Sometimes I write nice, friendly things… but they usually tend to be of the darker variety. My posts primarily consist of poetry, fiction short stories, philosophy, and photography. I can’t help but create… And hopefully, maybe, occasionally, I entertain. Thank you for providing this flash opportunity. I appreciate a good challenge 🙂
    hmv recently posted..The Cursed Hearse – Chapter 2My Profile

  3. Well, a little late in the game to start at the beginning, but that’s just how I roll… never know when I might pop up, or when or why!!!
    attached is link to my latest blogpost…
    I usually try to maintain the repetitive pattern of posting fractals again and again (mostly different fractals)! I am a very fractal person!
    And I am the author of Fractal Dreams!

    BuddhaKat recently posted..For a Few Fractals…My Profile

  4. Here is the link to my blog as requested. Thanks!
    Mark recently posted..Median Lethal DoseMy Profile

  5. Hi, came over from Tess/Teresa’s blog, Lets Cut the Crap!. She’s a frequent commenter on my site, and I visit her site and that’s how I’ve found out about your blog.

    My site is where I post my microfiction, flash fiction, micropoetry, short stories, poetry, and general fiction. I like flash fiction and’ve found myself writing a lot of it lately, particularly in 33 words.

    I really want to be published for real one day, and have my book in a bookstore and in the library.
    Scriptor Obscura recently posted..SonMy Profile

  6. Hi Red,
    You told me to drop a link in the green room. So here it is. Thanks again.
    Liquid Poet recently posted..Twisted Mix Tape TuesdayMy Profile

  7. My blog address has changed. It is now

    Gail Thornton recently posted..Flash Fiction – AroundMy Profile

  8. Hello,
    My name is Tom Nardone. I live in South Carolina. I was going to learn webdesign, but in preparing my test site I learned it was more fun to write then to better myself learning a new skill. A few people told me I was a good writer so I said to Hell with web design.

    I am ADHD and my main motivation for writing is the attention, praise, and accolades I receive from my followers. It is very important to me to see how many people think I am awesome, so it is the first thing I check each day when I come home from work. I have two websites because I figured it would be twice the accolades. If given the choice to be rich or famous, I would choose famous.

    @iamtomnardone recently posted..Cooking with Yvonne NardoneMy Profile

  9. Seeing as I have changed my Space a few times I figured it was time that I re-added my location, and as I have decided to open iy up a little everyone is welcome, well ALL apart from those ghoulish Spam Bots of course 🙂 🙂

    Let the show begin…

    Call in whenever you are in the neighbourhood but whatch out for the Zombies finger 🙂 lmao

    Gray Dawster recently posted..Flesh of the UndeadMy Profile

  1. Haughty, Psychic, Medical Follies | The M3 Blog

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