Techno Failure

Many thanks to the talented folks at WordPress who supply the software which powers the blog on M3. Really. Those are sincere thanks. Today is one of those days you are (undoubtedly) glad there is no soundtrack to M3.

You see, there was a real post set to go live this morning. It is still sitting in the posts folder with the brilliant little “scheduled” in its status line. It refused to get out of the bed this morning and grace the pages with itself.

The stream of obscenities which poured forth at the revelation of this lazy little post would certainly have curled your toes. So, be grateful you were not privy to the harpy-like sounds while the post was disassembled and set for next Thursday.

Instead, this is now just a catch up (or as Miss V says, “ketchup”) day. Here are a few suggestions:

If you have not stopped by t0 meet GH Ellis, you are missing out on a ton of laughs. He and I had a great time. And do not be afraid of Frankie. He is in a sugar coma because of all the gingerbread zombies.

Speaking of meeting people, have you been by to see Mantra’s new look?

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

If you do not (or even if you do) have a manuscript ready or in the WIP folder, stop by the Flash in the Pan page. Everyone who sends me links to their entries (or sends the entries directly to the SIB) will make it into the book. The more the merrier! This is your personal invitation to flash me.

When I answered a question which made its way to the SIB, some of the newcomers found they had missed a big section of M3 which is hiding in the archives. If you have not already, stop by and tell me who you are.

Are you one of my stars? When was the last time you went stargazing? The Green Room is brimming with new M3 Readers. Some of the blogs who have recently joined the Green Room are new to the blogosphere and need some hearty welcoming to the neighborhood. Be sure to give the “thumbs up” to your fave blogs there, as the end of the month is going to see the new look for the Alumni Club and a new induction.

Have you been watching? Take a peek at the million word meter. It is time for a bit of celebration! Be ready because we will be celebrating a lot on the SEP this week. If you missed last week’s Saturday Evening Post, you may want to pass an eyeball over it. The changes to Welcome Home! and The Office are not something which is announced in the non-spam digest email.


Have a wonderful evening. See you in the comments.

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    • It is a glitch which happens about every 130 posts. Meh. Apparently, it is better for next week than this. :) And for me…DEFINITELY half FULL!

  1. I’m sorry your post was lazy and uncooperative but I have to say ….oh wait., I really am sorry,… no buts. But…arrgghhhh :roll: I do love the catch up days… I feel very special like they are just for me. I know that is horribly conceited and it’s only a glitch in the goings on… I just like to find the bright side of things … and I kinda needed a something special today…
    Love ya :-)
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Insanity or Optimism? Mid-Afternoon Mental MomentMy Profile

    • Glad it made you feel special! Everyone needs a day just to sift through what they may have missed. :) Almost glad it did not cooperate, as I was in no place to field comments today. I was very glad to have a large dose of sunshine this morning. Even more glad I did not find out about the failure until very late in the day. It would have ruined the good feeling ;) xxx

  2. Hey at least when you add a posting it stays on your Space for good, whereas me, I add scripts and extra pages only to obliterate them at a later time, sometimes within days of adding them so I guess that I am more eccentric than at first thought.

    We can all look forward to reading it when it appears so all is not lost and in the meantime you will be adding many more postings, and with your readership multiplying there will be lots of peeps to read them too, which is really great.

    Have a wonderful rest of evening Red :)

    Androgoth XXx

    • LOL! I hope you have a few moments for the Follies :) And you are more than reasonable with your eccentricity. It is the personality of your space. Glad to see you tonight. ;)

      • Yes I will be taking a look at that next, I was going to add a script but I haven’t even written it yet soooooooooo maybe later :) lol

        It is always very nice to call in and check you out, I mean have a good peep, I mean see what you are getting up to, I mean… You know what I mean and…

        BTW how is that Bear getting along
        I hope he is not being too naughty? :) lol

        Androgoth XXx

        • He’s doing his usual. He started blogging, so it should get very interesting with dueling laptops. Methinks I can out WP him, maybe just a tad. ;) It is getting so busy, but I love the excitement. All of it ;) Hopefully, the power will stay on long enough tonight to be able to play through the Follies. It is storming here. Great weather to not be on the computer. Hmm… ;) *wicked giggles*