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Day 28: Now Boarding


I have asked this question to many, and the answer is one of the top of the bucket list for most everyone I know. Where do you want to move or visit?

Everyone who speaks to me knows I want to move… yesterday. While I continue to claim I want to move home, I recently revealed to Val I wanted to live here:

black box

Oh, silly me. Let me turn on a light for you. Is this better?

kungur cave water

That is right. I want to move into a cave. I can live without the light which kills my eyes. I can decorate with rocks (largely inexpensive) and not look like a cheapskate. Fresh water. Air conditioned without electricity. Great acoustics.

No door bell. No cell signal. No drop in visitors without rappelling gear. Plus, what does drop in is a food store. Never again would I hear the words We don’t deliver that far.

If you could move somewhere else, name five reasons why you would move. (Place not necessary to name.)

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  1. I’d love to live in a 10-room, 2-story house at the end of a long and winding dirt driveway shaded by a line of trees, with fields on either side, and streams and forests beyond that (…sounds like the Pennsylvania countryside 28 years ago).

    My 5 reasons for wanting to live there are whimsical and impossible, for there is no place like that, or I wouldn’t be here.
    1 – no taxes
    2 – short mild winters and cool summers
    3 – abundant wildlife but no varmits in the yard, attic, or under the house
    4 – a small town with a well stocked grocery and a slightly larger town under 9 miles away
    5 – green and ecologically minded inhabitants for a 100 mile radius

    • You seem to be missing some key elements of this house, although I do like all the rest of it: Staff. *grins*

      • Key elements…hmmm….what did I leave out? Other than the wilderness survival kit in the dry basement, and wifi in every nook and cranny of our 15 acres, of course. That’s a given!

        • I am fairly certain I could do without the wifi everywhere. Without staff, on the other hand, I would not be able to function. xxx

  2. I kind of like your cave…I would consider that! I love rocks. I would move to Ireland if my entire family would go with me. But they won’t. But truly having the freedom to move anywhere??? I don’t know! That is an overwhelming thought…..
    C. Brown recently posted..Byke RideMy Profile

    • You are not the first to tell me Eire. Why? And why will the family not traipse to the Emerald Isle?

      • Well, Eire is beautiful. That’s a given. I’ve been four times. I still remember the very first time getting off of the plane. The smell, the comfort I felt in being in that air, that atmosphere. And the stone…ah…I love the stone. The building with it, the traipsing over it. And of course the sound of the voices. I don’t speak Irish, but I have an ear for the comfort of it. I could live on one of the Aran Islands off of Galway coast. My father’s side of the family is from there. Which is perhaps why I am drawn there. But being there, just feels good.

        Most family would not consider packing up and leaving America. In all honesty I don’t know if I could either. But if I could, it would be to Eire. And my family is HUGE so I don’t know how I would convince them all to go. 😉 Maybe one or two could stay behind…. 🙂
        C. Brown recently posted..Byke RideMy Profile

  3. benzeknees

     /  May 30, 2013

    Places seem to be all the rage in the blogosphere these last couple of days: http://benzeknees.wordpress.com/2013/05/29/explain-yourself/ & Madame Weebles also did a post about where she lives today!

    • Most ppl around here get up in arms when I post about where I live. May have something to do with me calling it The Third Circle of Hell… possibly. 😉

  4. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter! Ace!
    Gingerfightback recently posted..Susie StrongMy Profile


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