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Everyone should be used to seeing Claret and Bruno around M3. People in South Carolina are being to see Wombies.

Anyone who has been to Wombania knows precisely why Wombies are one of the best animals to have around. They can do anything your children can do, and some things even better.

Claret is a big help in the M3 Coffee Shoppe. Did you miss her making Flat WhiteΒ for Mandy?

She is really good at this now.

They have taught the children how to make chocolate pancakes, introduced them to wine gums and brought a large boost to the marshmallow market in South Carolina.

And Bruno has been helping Little Bear and Little V with their studies.

All to say, adoption has its perks. After all the shopping is done, we settle in for sweets and treats.

And when it is time to go out to speech therapy, Little Bear makes sure I have my proof…

If you have not been to see the Wombie creations, you are missing out. Grab a shirt or a tote or a mug and show your support for Wombies. We do it all the time.

Chances are pretty good, if you have been to CafePress before, there is a coupon for them showing in one of the ads. I know I have seen the shirt I am wearing in the picture on many of your websites because I am a steady CafePress shopper. You have seen some of the fashions I sport from Bearman Cartoons. Some of my other ones from there will be a surprise come spring.


Do you have a CafePress shop? Be sure to leave a link in the Green Room where everyone can see what you have to offer. Do you shop CafePress to support your favorite artists and bloggers?

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    Cat Forsley recently posted..Have a wonderful week ahead >>> CatMy Profile

  2. Do wombies like cookies? I see you have them addicted to gummy bears already. I shall install a height-challenged wombie-gummy-bear dispenser in the corner office. “:)
    raymond alexander kukkee recently posted..SoWrite NOVEMBER CONTEST: Fiction Best First Chapter !My Profile

  3. At some point, I will understand the Wombies thing.
    For now, I just know they’re cute.
    El Guapo recently posted..The Unbearable Lightness of Giving. (or Karma? Meh.)My Profile

  4. When is Peter opening his wallet and doing a giveaway of these fine products..haha
    Bearman recently posted..Twinkie The Kid’s Last Ride CartoonMy Profile

  5. Wombies rock, Wombies Rock, Wombies Rock, Wombies Rock! -sung to Ian Hunter’s ‘Cleveland Rocks.’

    Red love your Wombie in the kitchen… and where do YOU find wine gums in South Carolina?
    Inquiring Minds and all…

    Also…. Womibe Mama bags and shirts. WANT.

    • I will have to summon the PTB of the CafePress to make that a possibility πŸ˜‰ Great to see you today, Chica <3

      • I think I should move down south and open a wine gum shop for all you poor deprived Americans.
        Binky recently posted..Lethal Arts of WombaniaMy Profile

        • I think you would be in high cotton. Someone needs to capture the vacated Twinkie market.

        • Binky you could make a fortune with Wine Gums and Twinkies.
          Read that Hostess has closed all of their factories -due to the labor dispute with the bakers. Even in the Great White North.
          Here in the US they are still being shipped, but it only what is still in their warehouses.
          After all… they do last forever.

          If it’s true about the Twinkies yet another reason to move to Canada; great friend lives in Toronto. Tim Hortons. BUTTER TARTS. Sking! Health Care. Canadian men.. mmmmmm men.
          Downside: three years to obtain citizenship.
          Not that I’ve looked into this or anything…
          Miss R recently posted..Twinkie Twinkie Little StarMy Profile

          • You sound thoroughly unprepared. Shall I build you a promotional kit to sway you? ROFL!

          • I’m pretty sure Twinkies will continue up here as another company owns the rights and makes them in Canada.

            You don’t have butter tarts down there either? You poor people. And no Coffee Crisp chocolate bars. Well, you do have a few Tim Hortons. . .
            Binky recently posted..Lethal Arts of WombaniaMy Profile

      • Always happy to see you Red, particularly in full Wombia regalia
        ~Some Wine Gum Deprived (Depraved) Gal in Reno
        Miss R recently posted..Twinkie Twinkie Little StarMy Profile

  6. These Wombies sound pretty good. Maybe I should get some myself.

    Thanks for the publicity, Red!
    Binky recently posted..Lethal Arts of WombaniaMy Profile

    • Any time. Little V is planning a photo shoot. I have been told she is taking care of everything…

      • Well I’d certainly like to see that! I hope Claret and Bruno have been relatively trouble free for you guys.
        Binky recently posted..Lethal Arts of WombaniaMy Profile

        • Other than the occasional chocolate spillage, we are good. Bruno is trying to invent something. You two act more alike everyday.

          • Bruno sounds like he’s on the right track. If he needs any assistance, he can call me.
            Binky recently posted..Lethal Arts of WombaniaMy Profile

          • If I did not think he would gut my BlackBerry for the CPU…

          • I’m sure you need to upgrade anyway. That’s what I always tell Chris.
            Binky recently posted..Lethal Arts of WombaniaMy Profile

          • If I listen to my carrier I do. I bought a new battery today because I absolutely do not want another tele. The thought of moving to a new tele gives me hives. I have over 8GB worth of assorted gradu on my tele…and not music or ringtones.

          • You are supposed to upgrade at least once a year. You’re holding back society!

            I upgrade most things only when absolutely necessary. Like when it breaks and I can no longer fix it, or when buying a new one is less expensive than the needed part.
            Binky recently posted..Lethal Arts of WombaniaMy Profile

          • Me, too. That is how I went from a non-texting flip tele to a full touch screen. Add to that I am anti-Apple, and you can see why I have zero desire to “upgrade” to a tele my children (three of them, actually) have already broken more than 8 times between them.

          • I still have a cell with no browsing and no camera. I’m on the computer much too much and don’t need to take it with me.
            Binky recently posted..Lethal Arts of WombaniaMy Profile

          • If I stayed home, that would be where I would still be. This year was just over 50K miles because I stayed home the last 5 months.

          • You must be in incredible shape walking that far!
            Binky recently posted..Lethal Arts of WombaniaMy Profile

          • It is an exercise plan I keep to myself.

  7. I love the wombie photos, Red! They are adorable, but I have to admit I need more time in Wombania to really get to know them. I can do chocolate. I have a recipe for fail proof fudge that actually works every time! I don’t know what wine gums are, but I am sure I’ll find out on their website. Thank you for highlighting them tonight, Red.
    Gail Thornton recently posted..Poem – TransferenceMy Profile

  8. Amazing guys and gals as always! πŸ™‚

    I will be visiting Wombania later as usual as welll as Addenac city for my cartoon buzz!!! πŸ™‚

    God Bless!

    prenin recently posted..Tuesday – another trip to the Co-Op.My Profile

  9. Whoaaaa….the t-shirt and the tote bag look great!!

    Wombies are as great as we are on t-shirts πŸ˜‰
    Hmm…I should urge Mommy to make us into a tote bag too πŸ˜‰
    Kroten recently posted..Wordless Wednesday : Sexy LegsMy Profile

  10. OMG…I love it! No, I really love it! The bag and tee-shirt are awesome.
    Hey, Tink loves to drink coffee with chocolate flavored creamer.
    Fun post, Red!
    β™₯ xxx
    Deb recently posted..PumpkinMy Profile


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