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Little V has been surfing the blogosphere and brushing up on her skills. She is reading and following a good number of web comics. She is quick to tell me when I am commenting on a web comic space, “I want to read at the top.” Did I mention she has a New York City quarter-second timer?

When I am not quick enough for her, she prods, “The panel, Momma. It’s at the top.” Persistence. I wonder where she gets it. (No snickering.)

You see, she is gathering up technique and mechanics for her own animation. She is my most artistic progeny, at least in the classical sense. She draws incessantly and builds story boards. Autism may make the dialogue difficult to follow at first, but once edited, her boards are well-thought-out, sometimes funny, other times poignant. She has the makings of a good animator. And Momma says go with your strength.


Plenty of you have noticed Binky as a frequent commenter on M3. Turns out I am a frequent commenter on Wombania as well. With years worth of back panels for Little V to flip through, she has been using some of her time to catch up on the life and times of the Wombies.

Wait. What? What is a Wombie? Oh, good heavens. Let’s start with the wombat.

The bare-nosed wombat looks a bit like a bear….

Three breeds of wombat are native to Australia, which is their only natural habitat. But even then, only a very small portion of Australia provides the correct combination of warmth and rainfall to sustain wombat breeding and rearing of young. The marsupials can be a handful, sometimes getting as large as 75 pounds (35 kg).

Not a lot of territory!

Wombies, on the other hand, are genetically engineered wombats. Dr. Franco designed them to be the perfect house pet. Apparently, his Chihuahua was nothing like Beau Chien.


Since Wombies are terrifically lovable, intelligent and mischievous, it stands to reason adopting Wombies into our family was an absolute necessity. It is with great pleasure, I introduce Claret and Bruno, the newest members of our family.

Claret and Bruno

Claret is quite the sophisticate. She enjoys her champagne soda and wine gums with the assorted characters. She is working on her exclusive SPAM cookbook, due out in markets across the globe sometime in the next year.

Bruno is a nickname for Brun Roux. Do not be fooled by his bow tie. He sports it to all of Claret’s social functions, but he is constantly in the yard helping Cash hone her digging skills. He is blueprinting the design for the in-ground swimming pool Claret has decided is necessary for our social evolution as a family.

See For Yourself

Take a few minutes to visit Wombania and meet the other Wombies: Binky, Winky, Twink and Fraz. You may even run across a few other Wombies who were part of Dr. Franco’s original 27, Chris Land and Zoe.

You can meet some other adopted Wombies at Debbie Adams’ Art & Blog and Cat Forsley.

If you are really ready, you can apply to adopt your very own Wombies. Adoption is a wonderful experience!


How well do you think Wombies fit in with other pets? Are your pets adopted? Are they members of the family?

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    That’s Okay -=
    Wishing You – Little V and Claret and Bruno a beautifulllllllllllllll day ————— aft – eve —– 🙂
    Cat Forsley recently posted..Immersed Cat Forsley ©My Profile

    • Yes, she adores them. She is ready to dress them for Fraz’s next beach party at Deb’s. It is nigh on evening here 😉 And I best get out of here…I am supposed to be working. Shhh! {HUGZ} Red. xxx

  2. Wow you got Wombies too now. As we have regular Wombats here in Tasmania maybe I should adopt a Wombie to join Barry, Cedric, Madge, Lenny & Neville in their adventures. I’ve lost track of how long I’ve been following Wombania but it is definitely one of my favourites.
    P.S. Just a bit of advice, in the Jetpack update there is a new feature “WordPress Comments” I think it is called. Don’t activate it as it negates Commentluv & GASP from showing up on the comment form. They still remain active though & no one can post a comment because you can’t see the GASP checkbox to check therefore it won’t accept any comments & gives commenters the “You don’t have java enabled” message
    Tony McGurk recently posted..Toilet BlockageMy Profile

    • That would be a blast. Or you could cast any of the adopted Wombies in your strips!

      PS I would never have dreamed of it. It did not work, which is why I chose not to use it, so I would never have considered giving it a chance. 😉

  3. I am going to hold my breath and await Little V designating adventures (you might bore the wombats with real drama or something really terrible ceiling swings.) 😉
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Careers are made to be brokenMy Profile

  4. I knew I would find them eventually and what a couple of sweet characters you have adopted, both wickedly presented here and ready to chomp their way through lashings of extra quadruple coated pancakes, spam-burgers, wine gums and marshmellows amongs other yummy treat on offer 🙂 I would adopt a couple myself if I wasn’t so busy chasing after the frisky Banshees, troublesome Zombies and wayward Skeletons but at least I can call in here, or deb’s and Cat’s for an update on your little friends, which is rather ghoul, cool too 🙂

    Okay it is time for me to pop into your Green Room and see whether I have the thumbs up on my Space addy, well you never know, someone might have chanced their luck? 😉 🙂 lmao

    Androgoth XXx

  5. Wombats? Hmm. What next?

    I’m not a fan of critters except for cats. I’m b-o-r-i-n-g. LOL.
    Tess Kann recently posted..Father’s Day Appreciation DayMy Profile

    • ROFL! Nothing boring about cats. They are mischievous in their own rights. Glad to see you tonight, Tess.

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