Wombies: Postcard from Morocco

Seems the Wombies have gone walkabout. They sent a postcard to let me know they were having a good time, and would I please put money in their account for more chocolate and send SPAM. Seems Morocco is shy on SPAM.

Fraz had a party at the Moroccan palace Cha gave him. Claret and Bruno dressed in their harem costumes and grabbed a cab to the airport. Apparently, they will be home in direct proportion to the amount of chocolate money I deposit.

They seem to be having a good time. They posed in costume to have a custom postcard made.

The back of the post card let me know about the fun:

Who would have guessed they would be as bad as the teenagers about money and food. *sigh*

If you catch sight of them over at Cha’s place or in Wombania, let me know. They seem to have completely forgotten school starts in just a couple weeks, and we have a vacation planned before that. The little globetrotters have enough frequent flyer miles for us all to go for free. There is an upside.

I wonder if Claret cashed them in for the ruby in her navel. Hmm…


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  1. Well we all had a great time in Morocco, but I guess the fun has to end sooner or later. I think they might be bringing you home a large surprise gift. And no, it’s not a camel.
    Binky recently posted..Sticks And StonesMy Profile

  2. Seems like they are having a great time. Reading your blog always seems to fall by the wayside for me. As your posts are quite long I tend to think “Oh I’ll read Red’s later” & gravitate more to webcomics for quicker reads as I always have so many sites to keep up with in my RSS Reader, then before I now it I am way behind reading your posts.
    This reminds me of a joke I heard about a boy away at oarding school. He wrote a letter to his mother saying “Dear Mum, have none, need some, send some, love son”
    Tony McGurk recently posted..The New NeighbourMy Profile

  3. ha ha ha this was fun..Claret and Bruno look so beautiful and cute dressed in their harem costumes and the whole idea that they will be home in direct proportion to the amount of chocolate money I deposit…is so damn funny..clever Wombies..
    love the wombie posts :)
    Soma Mukherjee recently posted..The Magnificent world of WombiesMy Profile

  4. Hi Red, thanks very much for mentioning my post. I really appreciate that!
    And glad to know that Morocco also inspires you :) Your Wombies are very cute by the way. Love their names.

    Thanks again and nice to meet you!!

    • I adore your painting! You have beautiful things on your site. You are so very welcome for the ping. I hope the M3 Readers stop by your place to check out all you have to offer :) Will you take a moment to drop a link to your blog in the Green Room? You will find LOTS of mutual friends there.

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