Wordless Wednesday

As always, name that fractal. And no peeking until after comments. Click to enlarge for greater detail.

Fractal Art


Fractal Art


Fractal Art


Fractal Art


Fractal Art


Which one is your favorite? What did you name them? Which one is familiar and where did you see it? On what medium do you think fractals would look the best?

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  1. 1. Light House
    2. Merging cells
    3. Fan Dancer
    4. Half Moon shining
    5. Sundial
    Laurie recently posted..Recap of Last Week.My Profile

  2. 1. Cateye

    2. Cross Eyed

    5. Compass
    C. Brown recently posted..There Is A DifferenceMy Profile

  3. I don’t know about names, but I really like this selection. They’re all sort of spacey.
    Binky recently posted..Fair Play FrazMy Profile

  4. I think I saw #4 on the cover of FTP3 Wave of Emotion. My favorite is this one because the intensity of the blue and the liquid lines just blow me away. I’m at a loss for names, but will try.
    #1 Gyroscope
    #2 Persian rug
    #3 Solar Flare
    #4 Waves on Waves
    #5 Compass
    Gail Thornton recently posted..CrystalMy Profile

    • Very close. #4 is on the title page of Wave of Emotion. And I thought for sure you would see dolphins in it. 😛 #5 is on the money. xxx

  5. 1/heart
    3/Inner being
    4/Cool Moon
    5/Star burst
    Inner being reminds me of a baby scan. Amazing new life forming. 🙂 xx
    Penny Granger recently posted..Quick and Easy Customization: Get the Most Out of WidgetsMy Profile

    • Very cool analogy, Penny! I like what you named #3. Great to see you today. xxx

  6. Smoke in an ashtray
    cells under a microscope
    zoomed in marble
    half moon through colored glass(beautiful by the way)
    sun in kolidascope
    jeremy recently posted..ALL IN ONE PROPOSITIONMy Profile

    • Love your names for #1 and #5. Seems #4 is getting the moon vote a few times. Great to see you today, Jeremy. 🙂

  7. the first one looks a bit like Batik, an Indonesian traditional fabric’s pattern 🙂
    Novroz recently posted..Collective Soul @ Java Rockin’Land 2013My Profile

  8. Susan Precise

     /  June 27, 2013

    I love them all, but my favorite is #4.

    Here are my suggestions:
    #1 Telestar
    #2 Pilgrim’s Thanksgiving
    #3 Mescal
    #4 Hoop Dancer
    #5 Apache

    Like I said, they are all lovely!

    • Oh, I love your name for #5! Mmm. Is it too early for a #3? We need a tequila drive-thru. xxx

  9. Hi there,

    I saw you over at Chatter Master’s site, (Colleen), and came here to find the “gradu” post you wrote but can’t seem to find it.

    Anyway, wanted to let you know I stopped by.


  1. Abstract AbFab Fractals I | BuddhaKat

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