Wordless Wednesday

We missed last week because of a long post. Time for names and pretties. (Click to enlarge.)

Red Dwyer fractal art


Red Dwyer fractal art


Red Dwyer fractal art

Red Dwyer fractal art


Red Dwyer fractal art

Seeing the thumbnail of one made me laugh, a lot. One was a different species before I got the image you see now. One would have an entirely different name if it was upside down.

Last Time

Our last fractals were fun, even if participation was low. I named them:

  1. Poinsettia
  2. Special Delivery
  3. Olympic Fans
  4. Frost on a Window
  5. Braided Butterfly

Braided Butterfly was the simple design with a lot of complexity which appealed to me. Special Delivery makes me laugh because I saw a wheelchair delivery person in it. Poinsettia is my favorite poisonous flower.

Which one is your favorite? What would you name them?

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  1. 1. Dune worms
    2. Water dragon
    3. Space Station
    4. Homer Simpson
    5. Keyhole bird

    I like them all. My favorite(s) — toss up between one and two.

    Ho Ho Red — Merry Christmas
    John McDevitt recently posted..I’d Rather Be a Free Range ChickenMy Profile

    • LOLOL I had to reload it and look at Homer Simpson. That is terrific! I hope you and Tracy and all the girls had a fabulous Christmas, John. 🙂

  2. Snowflake

  3. I couldn’t get you love button to work, oh well never mind.

    I have no imagination today, none, zero zip. But I do love third and fourth ones, they are fabulous.

    • Those really are your colors. One of these days, you are going to need to shop through my archives for a favorite set. xxx

  4. The title ‘Braided Butterfly’ is really a nice one! As for the new batch, the third one down is my favorite. I would call it “Oozing Balance.” xx
    Christy Birmingham recently posted..How to Find Time to Read When You’re Mega BusyMy Profile

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