Wordless (almost) Wednesday


Since I am going to miss Wednesday, so I wanted to share today.

Tidal Shell Fractal Art

Tidal Shell


Sleight of Hand Fractal Art

Sleight of Hand


Under the Black Light Fractal Art

Under the Black Light


Fabric Planets Fractal Art

Fabric Planets


Devilled Eggs Fractal Art

Devilled Eggs

I tried something different with this week’s grey image. As requested, I will be adding more black and white images. I have a number in the queue.

Which fractal would you name something different? Do you have a favorite? Does one remind you of something?

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  1. Beautiful fractals Red! I like sleight of Hand. It reminds me of the fire spinners at Burning Man.
    Miss R recently posted..The Doctor Needs a New CompanionMy Profile

    • You are going to love one of the ones I have scheduled over the next couple weeks. (Hafta go look to know which week.) xxx Great to see you, chica <3

  2. Niiice. My fav’s the last one. Love the colors in it. Don’t know why but it reminds me of India. 😀
    dontchawannadream recently posted..DaisiesMy Profile

    • I have some sari fabric which is in colors close to those. Most of my Indian jewelry is that wash of golds. xxx

  3. I like the black light one. Looks like spiral galaxies.
    Binky recently posted..Individual WrenchMy Profile

  4. Nice set.
    I liked Fabric Planets.

    I thought Knitted Galaxies would have been a nice alternate name for Under The Blacklight.
    El Guapo recently posted..Trifextra – THE MOST IMPORTANT ENTRY EVER!!!My Profile

    • It does look like galaxies. Like I told Binky, up close even more. Do you see the vinyl in Fabric Planets, too? Oh, and your name is being used in vain on the soundtrack page.

  5. They are all quite stunning. The first one reminds me of a beautiful tropical bird and the fabric planets: an old record.

    • I was wondering if FP reminded Guapo of the same thing. The colors of the first one are tropical. Good to see you out and about. xxx

  6. Under the black light is my favorite!

  7. I like under that black light.. very cool.. the deviled eggs one made me laugh.. i guess just that you thought of deviled eggs?
    ♥ Lizzie
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..More Bang for the Buck – Valentine Mental MomentMy Profile

    • All of them have to immediately have a name or they are just a stop to somewhere else. The moment this one came into focus, I saw a tray of devilled eggs. You know there is more to that story. xxx

  8. I like Fabric Planets … reminds me of camera shutters.
    frigginloon recently posted..Best Diamond Heist EVERMy Profile

    • Cool. I had not thought of it that way. Great to see you so late in your evening. 😉 xxx

  9. Good work Red!

    I liked the tidal shell one and sleight of hand! 🙂

    Just had to save Doug’s sorry ass after the garbage in his living room caught fire this morning.

    He was so drunk he couldn’t hear a 90 decibel smoke alarm or notice the thick smoke, but getting him out of bed took five minutes because he couldn’t get his head around the idea his place was on fire, despite it being full of smoke…

    Love and hugs!

    prenin recently posted..Tuesday – problems with my broadband connection.My Profile

    • Jimeny Christmas. What a maroon. I hope everyone was alright and there is not too much damage. Egads. Were it not a loss of all your homes, I would have let the mugger on his own.

  10. Tidal Shell or Sleight of Hand…..if I had to pick I couldn’t. I love these.
    C. Brown recently posted..As Long As I WantMy Profile

    • They would speak to you. They are both in motion. 😉 Glad you like them and to see you today, Colleen. xxx


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