Wordless (ish) Wednesday

Not completely wordless. More like fill-in-the-blank.

This week’s name-that-fractal has a couple rules. For your answers:

1. At least one of them has to have more than one name.

2. At least one of them has to have a name of more than one word.

3. At least one of them needs to be your favorite.

Oh, and no cheating. Click to make them larger. Some of them, the details may change your initial idea for a title.

Irish Throwing Star



Golf Pants Fractal Art


sunflower spiral fractal art


Peacock Orbit Fractal Art


Couples Skate Fractal Art


Although I have a lot of fun with this feature of The M3 Blog, I want your opinion. Do you have a second to answer a question for me? After you comment, fill out the brief, one question form. It is completely anonymous. Thank you!

What did you name them and which is your favorite?

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  1. 1. Infinite Clover
    2. pearl on the line
    3. Confused sunflower or waving grain..
    4. tadpoles or laugh lines
    5. Landing Zone

    did I follow the rules? oh my favorite… ummm uhhh number 1 no ..yea number 1
    these were tough.. or I am slow today lol
    ♥ Lizzie
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Flash in the Pan; ArousedMy Profile

  2. 1) Tunnel Vision
    2) The Ballroom
    3) “Look into my eye…..”
    4) Whispiness
    5) Royal Conclave

    off the top o’ my head…
    I love the one with all the balls (#2), but I think #3 may be my true fave…!!! It is very compelling…
    lovely, as always!!

    BuddhaKat recently posted..Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum … for FRACTALS – Yum Yum!!!My Profile

    • The one with the balls was just flat out fun. All the way to what I named it. I really like your name for #5. xxx

  3. You spin me round (number 2, named after a song)
    Sunflower (number 3 they are my favorites)
    Fun with Fuchsia (the last one)

    I get dizzy looking too long, so that is all I got.
    Alexandra Heep recently posted..Human Versus Cat Round 1My Profile

    • I was listening to that song a couple days ago. Ended up there after seeing some photos of Pete with his new husband. o.O Makes me wonder why anyone does plastic surgery as a hobby.

  4. 1. Step into my parlor
    2. Fore…..what?
    3. Sundance
    4. Wing Span or Shake your Tail Feather
    5. Zenned Out

    #2 I think is my favorite but there is a personal story behind the favoritism this week. They are all wonderful.
    Valentine Logar recently posted..FTP 11 BelovedMy Profile

    • I love your answers. Especially #1 and #2. I have to look at the last one again to see the Zen in it.

  5. Mhm, we love the word Zen in our house, why did I not see that?
    Alexandra Heep recently posted..St. Patrick’s Day Meal at Beacon TapMy Profile

  6. 1. Irish Quasar (Fav)
    2. Icy moon
    3. Sunflower
    4. Comet trails
    5. It doesn’t fit my space theme!
    Binky recently posted..Fan Art Video IIIMy Profile

  7. I have been seeing this stuff around. I wish I could learn how to make it but at my age paper and pen will be it . Just doing a blog was a giant step from my 18th Century life.
    Carl D’Agostino recently posted..Wednesdays, Guest Post: Ray Ferrer, Urban Wall ArtMy Profile

    • I would gladly refer you to a few easy to use programs. All you have to have is a desk rat.

  8. I’m terrible with rules.
    The first one looked like a Jewelry Box
    They were all great. The last looked like a completely alien entity compared to the rest.
    Very eastern.
    El Guapo recently posted..Spring? Is that you?My Profile

    • I try to bring different kinds to the table rather than a set of all alike. There is something very Eastern about the Julian (the last one). I had a great time with that image, especially after I started using those colors. Glad you stopped by today, Guap.

  9. 1. Stargate or electric window

    2. Psychedelic record

    3. Daisy tunnel

    4. Fairy flying display

    5. Electric machine

    Love and hugs!

    prenin recently posted..Wednesday – Quiet day.My Profile

  10. #4 is my favorite!

    I call it “PLAY TIME” or “CATCH ME IF YOU CAN”

    (I’m on my way to work and have to run….or I would come up with names for all!!!!)

    C. Brown recently posted..The Things That Define UsMy Profile


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