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    Darkness Introduced is intriguing from page one because, in Darkness, action, drama and sex blend seamlessly into a story which will have you immersed and wanting more. Follow three main characters through a fast-paced tale with others in their culture and the events which test their roles as dictated by the lifestyle they choose.

    The sequel will be out soon! Get to know the characters you will love and love to hate.

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Wordless Wednesday

Time for the pretties. Come name the fractals. No peeking! (Click to enlarge any image.)

Red Dwyer Fractal Art


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Schrödinger’s Cat

0983377-R1-048-22AThe world of (un)social media is filled with cats. This post is filled with not cats. More appropriately, it is filled with stopping being Schrödinger’s cat. To the science and math phobes in the audience, this is not a post about quantum theory and superposition, exactly.

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Cap and GownOur society has a load of events in which we engage in group behavior which psychologically changes us in subtle ways. Some we scoff as celebrations of mediocrity because of their ubiquity, but many are milestones which have longstanding benefits. One is graduation.

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Ready for new?

Chasing Kites Tom NardoneSo, who is ready for a new book to read?
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Muse for Monday

Mantra in the MoonlightMantra has not abdicated her post. Quite the contrary. She is a mere poem away from finishing her third book.

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