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Muse for Monday

Mantra coldIt is hard to contemplate a world where words are simple, yet daily we find the simple ones explaining the quantum complexities in their minutia.

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SEP: Examination

Venti LatteIt is the last weekend before the world falls into the winter (in the northern hemisphere) celebration. Once it is complete next weekend, we enter a period of deep reflection for most at the close of the year. Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. It is crisp, but not too cold. Let’s talk.

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It Would Be Better If…

delta symbol changeHow often have you held something in your hands and said, “It is good, but…”? The same can be said of many things in our lives, not the least of which is what we use to define ourselves.

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You Can So

Not over there ==>

Not over there ==>

Have you ever listened to an account and the first thought you have is I cannot get there from here?

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Musing after Monday

Mantra redMoving from the world of want to a state of need is a revolution. Often, the catalyst for this level of change is deep emotional connection.

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