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Welcome back!

absinthe fairy

Hello, my most beautiful and intelligent followers! Did you miss M3? I sure did, especially for the last 72 hours…

Memes & Covers


Over the course of the next few weeks, The M3 Blog will be offering some Facebook covers and assorted memes. These are free to download and use on your all social media.

Wrap 2012. Unwrap 2013.

Extra Large Coffee Cup

This Saturday Evening Post is a bit different. The rain has stopped, and a soft breeze is blowing up the mountain. So much has happened this week. Grab a cuppa and snuggle in. Let’s talk.

This is only a test.

There will be no read more. You will get this all in an email, if you get here by email. It has come to my attention my alleged host is serving cached versions of M3. If you get this post via email, please come leave a comment. Even one word comments are enough. I am gathering […]


It was this day in history, just one long year ago, M3 was born. Welcome to the blogoversary post!