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Writer’s Darklight

Red came through the door and was surprised to see two figures, but it was just Gail Thornton and Claret in the Coffee Shoppe. Claret poured rich espresso for the two of us and set out some chocolate crullers. Red pulled up a chair and took a sip. I couldn’t wait to ask her all […]

Painting and Cats

Red Road Trip Bus

My hair is not done, and I am going to do my make up on the way. Just get in. We are late.

Flying Buses and Rugs

Red Road Trip Bus

C’mon! The crossing guard cannot stand there holding up that stop sign all day.

Green Fairy and Truffles

Red Road Trip Bus

Get on the bus before we have finished all the refreshments!

Blushing in the Writer’s Spotlight

Darkness Introduced Cover

Red knew something was up. She found celery stalks soaking in the fridge which had been cut into cat-o-nine-tails. The recipe card for pretzels was on the counter, and the double boiler was gently melting chocolate. She pulled a tray out of the oven and laughed because they were shaped like handcuffs.