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We have been on a few month long challenges (found under The Map and The Green Room tabs). Let’s begin a new one with a random prompt each day. We are going to MOP up writer’s block!

If the prompt does not apply to your life, write fiction! All of your entries can be fiction if you like. A few of them need to be fiction… or at least conjecture. More than anything, have fun with it. Take the prompts, scribble in the margins, take pictures and make them your own.

Download the graphic to put with your posts or on a page with all your links. When you start the Month of Prompts, link back to this page so the M3 Readers can find what you are writing. Good luck!

Below you will find links to my posts for this challenge.

Day 1: Favorite Room

Day 2: I hate this chore…

Day 3: I cannot live without…

Day 4: Junk Drawer

Day 5: Dream Job

Day 6: Stripper Songs

Day 7: 2020 Statuses

Day 8: Fun Date

Day 9: Last Meal

Day 10: Box on the Doorstep

Day 11: Letter to Great-Great-Great-Grandchildren

Day 12: My Fashion Line

Day 13: Invent an Appliance

Day 14: I say _______ a lot.

Day 15: Up in the Middle of the Night

Day 16: My Favorite Texts

Day 17: In My Next Life

Day 18: It Needs a Drive-Thru

Day 19: My Warning Label

Day 20: Create a Holiday

Day 21: My Restaurant

Day 22: Patience

Day 23: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Day 24: Weapon of Choice

Day 25: The Movie I Starred In

Day 26: My Shrink’s Opinion

Day 27: Character Sketch of Me

Day 28: My Imaginary Friend

Day 29: 20 Questions

Day 30: Time Capsule

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