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1. Learn marketing from successful authors.

Find out how others are getting into print…as young as 6-years-old! Writer’s Spotlight shines around the globe. Check out the A to Z of Publishing. Scroll around (or merely search) for the top What Not To Do of marketing.

You DO Make A Difference.

2. Make A Difference.

MAD is one simple way to improve your life, community, economy and the world around you. Are you ready to Make A Difference?

3. Interact!

The M3 Readers interact with posts, surveys, questions and polls, take field trips to other sites and come up with the amazing places M3 blogs. Your comments do not go unanswered. Have a question? Ask. What to see more of something? M3 puts you in the driver’s seat!

4. Get flashing!

Authors from around the world participate in the only flash fiction blog hop of its kind. Flash in the Pan offers weekly and monthly prompts with word limits as low as 50. What makes it different? Flash in the Pan is a quarterly Redmund Production. Do you want to see your flashes in print? Get flashing!

Meet Mantra on Mondays!

Meet Mantra on Mondays!

5. Get creative!

Get the latest from Mantra on Muse for Monday or follow along as flashes emerge. Whether you like poetry or fiction, M3 has something for you!

6. Find yourself!

Are you looking for tips to be a better parent, employee, friend, Mate or just the best you you can be? M3 is the place to be. We discover the reasons why things work, and make relationships the best they can be!

7. Get Inspired!

M3 is an award-winning blog which inspires writers to blog new subjects, write books and create. What are other bloggers saying?

Others (Red Dwyer comes to mind) make the determination that they’re going to make it and go after it with everything they’ve got. I admire these people greatly, but I also recognize that I would not work well doing what they do.” Writing with Both Sides of my Brain

The Fairy Blog Dust has reminded me that what I have to say is important, even if it is important to no one else beside me. It reminded me that writing here is an opportunity to hone writing skills that have long been dormant in my role as a suburban servant.  It reminded me that perspective is everything and that the truth lies somewhere between the fantasy and fiction of the day and that fact is only subjective.

The dusting reminded me that writing is important.” Taking Candy from a Baby

“Class was GREAT.  My 30 minute lesson turned into a 90 minute class discussion.  It is a class on intercultural communication, and we have been talking about values, belief systems, perspective and identity…and the whole “mine” is an underlying foundation to all of that, which turns into ethnocentrism when put into a cultural belief system.  The way your post was outlined we were able to talk about how “mine” develops and impacts relationships and then continued to develop the theme when it came to developing intercultural relationships.  I knew it would be a good piece of reading to integrate into the class, but the students really bit into it and used it for GREAT discussion.  So, thank you so much!  Class was really fun and really effective. I think that it will be one of those days that really sticks out to people because everyone was so involved.

You’re the best! And now my students think so, too!” Taking Candy from a Baby

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