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 This is your one stop for all which is new, fixed or in the works for M3. Check back often. As you can see by the dates, not much stands still around here. Well, maybe Clyde, but we know how he can be!



All further updates will be in the introductory section of the Saturday Evening Post.


Subscriptions have been returned to WP. Use your profile here or on WP.com to change the frequency of your email notifications. With no changes, you will get an email when posts go live, which is currently about four times per week.

The like button is disabled. The LOVE! button is anonymous. You can press it each time you read a post, not just once.

Although you can see The M3 Blog in the WP Reader, likes will not be registered. No one will ever know you read. Stop by and say hello!


New pages have been added. Would you like to host Clyde on your blog? Visit his page for details on having the ape ask questions at your space. Another addition to the Green Room is the Widowed Blog Hop. All future blog hops will be listed in the Green Room. Is your blog in the Green Room yet?

Two new pages are coming out this week. If you have not contributed to one of them, please visit this week’s SEP for details.


At this time, all internal links across M3 should be functioning properly. In the event you stumble upon one which is not, please advise.

Recent changes:

  • Ratings stars will not return. Please use the Love! button for the posts you like. Highest loved post will be displayed in the right side bar.
  • Sharing buttons are now located at the bottom of all posts and in a fixed position tool bar at the bottom of your browser window. You can collapse the bar to a chicklet by clicking the arrows on the right side of the grey background.
  • If you would like to attach a message to your Facebook like, please use the Facebook buttons locate in the posts. The one from the lower bar does not allow for the addition of comments.
  • The entire blog got a fresh coat of paint.
  • Please vote in the poll. It will be the last one until a stable plugin is developed. (Referrals appreciated.)


Based on a plug in malfunction, some links will not be working inside posts, especially those published before 10MAR12. If you click on something which does not take you where the hover tag (the pop-out which tells you the name of the post) claims, put the title in the Google search box to find where you should be.

The developer does not have an ETA on the fix, although it is high priority at the juncture. Join me in hoping it will be in less than 48 hours.


The rating stars for the individual posts are not functioning due to a developer issue. If they return is still a matter of some uninterested debate. Meanwhile, the Love! button does work.


After spending more than 14 hours in the mist, The M3 Blog is back in business. If you were disconnecting while commenting, your comments were not preserved. Although I would prefer it were otherwise, there it is. Meanwhile, the transfer is complete of the backup files. Later tomorrow, there will be an updated link here to the rest of the story.


  1. Red Books are available on found on the top menu bar beside About Momma. PayPal will deliver you back here whether you purchase or cancel. (Yes, Virginia’s Dream is another business of mine.)
  2. SSL certificate information is in the top right sidebar.
  3. Networked Blogs widget is now in the Green Room.
  4. Top commenter is in the left sidebar. When you are all green stars, you have made the most comments this month. May change to weekly soon.


  1. Based on your feedback, Flash in the Pan moved to its own space on the lower menu bar beside Friday Follies. Deadline for the first edition is 30SEP12.
  2. The Trophy Room got a new look.
  3. The Networked Blogs widget will be moving to the Green Room at the end of this week. If you are on Networked Blogs, please press it before I move it. Please cast your thumbs up for new blogs before the end of the week for new update to Alumni Club.

11AUG12: Two new pages have been added to the M3 line up. This one! If you have been following along with the flash fiction on Sundays, you will be happy to note Flash in the Pan got its own page in the lower menu bar. Hover your mouse over Story Time for all the updates. Based on your feedback, FTP may move directly onto the bar. Be sure to let me know what you think from the Ask Momma contact box!

08AUG12: In an effort to claim M3 as my own (away from a Pakistani man), I have added the Networked Blogs widget to the left sidebar. If you cannot get it to connect, do let me know. I will be fighting with them in the near future.

17JUL12: The rating stars should be functioning properly now. If they do not, press the love button and try again. In some instances, your stars are recorded, but not displayed for you. When you press a sharing button and move your mouse back over the stars, they appear.

WooHoo! The comment thumbs are back. Please stop by the Green Room and thumbs up the new blogs! There are some awesome bloggers who have recently joined the M3 Readers!


  1. The WP log in problem appears to be fixed. We will continue to attempt to break it.
  2. 500 errors (and any other error) need to be emailed to me via the Ask Momma page or straight to the stupidest inbox in the blogoshere. These should no longer be occurring.
  3. The traditional FB share button has been returned to the bottom of posts. It will allow you to share posts on your personal wall, with a group or on your FB page.
  4. The rating stars are a WP standard issue. If they do not record your vote, press the Love! button. After your Love! is recorded, the stars should function properly. I have found no viable way to program around this WP failure.

05JUN12: Secondary to Facebook’s recent crash, the like and send buttons are not working, and the FB login is on the blink. This issue is resolved.

If you have encountered any problems logging in through FB since I upgraded it yesterday, please advise. Email form is on Ask Momma. A new share via Facebook button appears at the bottom of each post until the matter is completely resolved. The Like button appears at the top of each post, along with a Send button, to share via Facebook.

23MAY12: Moving out of the cardboard kingdom? M3 has taken up residence on a Facebook page. This is not an elitist playground where all the posts are M3’s. Instead, this is a place for you to network and promote YOUR blog. Click like and visit a hopping Facebook page where the best of the blogosphere stops by to share links.

20MAY12: M3 is growing! With the beginning of the Abuse Series, a playbill has been added to the About Momma section. Hover your mouse over (or visit) About Momma to see The M3 Players. If you have no idea who all the cast of the posts are, this is the place to find out!

16MAY12: The A to Z Challenge is over. Find the wrap up post Restrospect, along with links to all 26 challenge posts on the A to Z page. There is a new button on the blog hop which will track the blogs you visit. Check it out. Very cool.

10MAY12: Have you noticed the orange DMCA buttons? DMCA is my new copyright protection service. I take my work very seriously. You have all seen the no re-blogging warnings on posts and in the footer of every page. Some people still need a radio button to get with the program.

07MAY12: There has been a tick box added to comments. As much fun as the spambot honorable mention is to Friday Follies, getting over 250 spams per day is really tiring. No worries…your comment will not be lost when you forget to check it.

25APR12: The Ask Momma page got a face lift. Want to shoot Red an email? Fill out the form. Easier than ever to get your questions asked and answered!

17APR12: Ever wonder why I ask you to subscribe? Now, you get the top seven reasons why you should be one of the M3 Readers! Already an M3 Reader? Pass the page on to your friends. Let them know your favorite reasons. Does #7 apply to you? Send me a link to your mention of M3 and see your testimonial spotlighted!

04APR12: The subscription problem resulted from an update to the plugin. With any luck, it is now fixed. By now, you have seen the A to Z Challenge posts. If you are looking for the blog hop, it is on the A to Z Challenge tab under the menu bar, and here.

31MAR12: After some constructive criticism, the comment layout has changed in an effort to shorten pages and ease the comment process. Feedback is welcomed on the new changes.

27MAR12: I have implemented a new loader. If you are in North America, the middle east, south Africa, southern South America or eastern Europe (with some exceptions), you should see significantly faster load times. Most of your load times have been cut to less than one second.

If you are in Germany, western Europe, southeast Asia, northern Africa or the United Kingdom, I am working as fast as I can. I have gotten your load time down by as many as eight seconds in the slowest areas, but will be trying to get you to one second to be in line with your counterparts on this side of the pond.

26MAR12: Due to loading time lags and too many pop-outs, the sharing buttons have been rearranged. To share via:

  • Facebook: Choose the Like button at the top of the post to send to your home page, along with the note of your choice. Choose the Send button to send a link (plus an optional note) to the Facebook inbox of one or many friends.
  • Twitter: Button at the very bottom of the post.
  • LinkedIn: Between the stars and the “Love” button. Opens a pop-up to add to your updates.
  • Google+: Between the stars and the “Love” button. Hover your mouse over the button for a pop-out after you click (+1) to share to your stream.

Bear with me as I find a suitable way to replace the StumbleUpon button. It is the platform with the least support for WordPress powered blogs. If you know of a plug in which would make my quest come to an end, please, please, please do share!

21MAR12: After a monster glitch compliments of a terrible plugin, the Subscribe to Comments button has changed. Now, it will only email you if someone comments on your comment. I hope you like the reduction in email.

20MAR12: Commenters now have the choice to add a link to one of their last ten blog posts compliments of the Comment Luv button. Let other M3 Readers know what you have been up to by linking to your latest post!

19MAR12: Some M3 readers are still working on an outdated version of the RSS feed. There were conflicts between the way the feed was generated and M3. While the majority of the links have been fixed, some are still floating around. If you run into a Whoops! page, please do email so it can be fixed!

16MAR12: Once you register, look for your name in the top right corner of your screen. Set up your profile to include a display name. If not, your email address will default as your display name.

15MAR12: If you find yourself on the wrong page after you log in with Facebook, simply hit the back button to get back to where you were without every going anywhere! Your log in information will be correctly stored, and you will see the Welcome Back sign where the log in button was!

14MAR12: M3 is now officially on Twitter. The app is working well. When you click the Twitter tweetmeme at the end of a post, you will see the @TheM3Blog in the via. If you are on Twitter, grab the follow button! My personal updates are no longer in the right sidebar, but the ones from M3 are!

13MAR12: I have unpacked a strange little box which held a “Love!” button. It is not the functionality I had hoped, as it will not tell me who loves anything because you do not have to be logged in to use it. I am still on the hunt for a better alternative, but for now, this will need to do. The new WP update made a lot of plugins cease functioning. If you know of one, let me know!

Happy Reading!

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