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No, Pank You… A Top Ten

For the upteen-hundredth time, I have been asked to be a teacher. At some point, nearly everyone who sees me more than twice realizes every time I engage with the public, someone learns something. Years of experience and exposure means I have a lot to share with anyone who is willing to listen.

I know why.

RWB Fireworks

We do not do things we do not know why we do them.” ~ Red Dwyer

Trinity of O

When we spoke of bullets in the line, the subsequent conversation led to the identity of a trinity available at all events. Grab a cuppa and snuggle in for this week’s Saturday Evening Post.

Right Now

Carpe diem. Live for the day. Seize the opportunity. Which one is yours, and where do you apply it?

Chocolate Dipped

dog poop

When you mention chocolate, only those who are allergic to it cringe. Most everyone else puts their hand out with a grin. Do you?