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Budget Guacamole

New Year’s Day, Cinco di Mayo and Super Bowl are the three biggest days for guacamole in the United States, in that order. Want to take the pinch out of your wallet for this treat?

Eat Shrimp Cheap

butter and eggs

When someone mentions shrimp or quiche, the instant reaction is to think expensive. When you think about ordering them as an appetizer, your wallet could go into shock. How about 36 mini shrimp quiches for under $8? It is completely doable.

More Green in the Kitchen

One of the quickest ways to save money is to cook at home. Before we embark on a complete series of cooking and saving, let’s look at a few pieces of equipment and some tricks which will keep the money in your wallet.

The Reality of the Working Poor

The roots of the M3 Blog are set in a foundation of saving money. The information on the early pages of this blog are still visited daily by those seeking to put something, anything, in the kitty. For many of them, it is not the rainy day for which they are saving. They need the […]

Hot Flash!

The ancient adding machine sounded like it was chewing the paper. She mashed the buttons desperately. The second it was quiet, she ripped the tape. She compulsively folded it into eighths and ran.