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Ready for new?

Chasing Kites Tom Nardone

So, who is ready for a new book to read?

John McDevitt ~ The Aware Writer

My friend, John McDevitt, who you may know from around these parts, his blog and his contributions to Taming the Terrible Twos: A Parents’ Survival Guide and Mantra for a Muse, was one of the strongest forces in my writing world.

A New Book!

Mine by Scarlett Baker

Do you need something new to read?

In it to win it?

Mantra's Book of Shadows

Just a reminder…

Guest Post: Tess Kann

Tess, flasher elite from How the Cookie Crumbles, reached in the hat and pulled out a question. Is flash fiction here to stay? Check out her research. (A brief announcement follows the festivities.)