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letter wOn the first Wednesday of the month, The M3 Blog hosts the Widowed Blog Hop. The subject matter varies from blog to blog, and you can bet your pajamas M3 will have a twist to what is on offer.

Take a scroll to some of the other blogs on the hop which feature memories, events, firsts, survival, courage, fear, grief, triumph and more. Learn how to help those you know who are widowed.

Celebrate! Leave comments. Commiserate. Encourage. Most of all, enjoy the journey while you get to know a new group of bloggers and make some friends.

The M3 posts associated with this hop are:

Widowed Blog Hop (November)

Tarnished Silence (December- #3)

Writer’s Spotlight: Re-Red (January- #2)

Fractal Tree of Life (February- #1)

It is the little things. (March)

Asked & Answered (April)

Ticket for One (June)

Stops along the way:


Samantha of the Crazy Courage blog.

Janine of One Breath At A Time.

Ferree of Widow’s Christian Place.

Red’s The M3 Blog.

Becky’s Choosing Grace Today.

Marriott of Miracles and Answers to the Prayers in the Life of Marriott Cole.


Christine of Widow Island

Robin of The Fresh Widow

Tim’s Diary of a Widower

Running Forward: Abel Keogh’s Blog

Carolyn at Modern Widow’s Club

Andrea of International Brotherhood of Single Mothers

Tamara of Artful Living After Loss

Jessica at Buttons to Beans

Missing Bobby: A Widow’s Journey

The Grief Toolbox

The Widow’s Mite: Encouragement for Widows

Widowed Yogi

From Me to We: A Young Widow’s Journey

As is customary, when you tweet or +1 this page or any post along the hop, please use the hashtags #widows and #bloghop.

If you would like to join the hop, send Red an email through Ask Momma (under About Momma). She knows all the cool kids and will get you set up in a jiff. Any one of the hosts can get you a back stage pass if you decide to join whilst hopping.

See you on the hop.

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  1. Dear Red,
    I just read today’s blog post at 2 Peas in the Pod. It was so inspirational and uplifting. It spoke of the lesson it took me over twenty years to understand, that we are shifting and changing and in constant forward motion. As a young newlywed, I thought we would stay the same, that time wouldn’t change us, especially me. Only now have I come full circle to understand myself and know I am loved by a new man for who I am, not who I might try to become. I don’t need to please anyone because he is pleased already. I only need to please me.
    Gail Thornton recently posted..Poem – SleepwalkerMy Profile

    • I am glad you did. I am encouraging all of the M3 Readers to check out the blogs during the month. The life lessons widows and widowers learn are applicable to any form of loss. More on that Wednesday. <3

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