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Traveling around M3 does not take a time machine, although one might be helpful! Here are some tips and tricks to finding what you want to read on M3:


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The top seven reasons why you really need to join the M3 Readers. Have a testimonial to share about Red or M3? Pingback to a post or use the form on Ask Momma. You could see your testimonial here with a link back to your blog!

About Momma

Ever wonder who is driving this flying circus? Stop by and meet Red.

Ask Momma

Have a question you would like to see answered on M3? Have a book or album you would like to have in the Coffee Shoppe? Leave a comment or fill out the email form. Either way, M3 is available to do requests…except The Entertainer. Located under the About Momma tab.

The M3 Players

Wondering who Red is talking about? Meet Quaint, Mate, Inner Child and all the M3 Players here.

The M3 Soundtrack

Red asked the M3 Readers to tell her what songs reminded them of her. Stop by and listen to the playlist. Want to give Red a song for the list? Stop by Ask Momma and send her a link to the YouTube video to the playlist.

Red Books

Red has six titles in play. If you do not have a copy of one of Red’s bestselling books, scroll over there and see what you needs to be at the top of your reading list.

Pull up a rocker. Grab a cuppa.

The Coffee Shoppe

Here you will find awesome, recommended writers and musicians. Some have been interviewed by M3. To find their interviews check the Filing Cabinet (on the right hand side bar) and click on Authors, Musicians or Artists. To have your book or album featured, follow the directions at the bottom of the Coffee Shoppe.

The Green Room

Bloggers stop by the Green Room to find other blogs. All bloggers are welcome to leave a link to their blog, such that they read the directions above the comment section. Do vote on your favorite blogs and feel free to respond to blog links with praise.

Networked Blogs

Some bloggers prefer to have all their blogs delivered to a gallery reader. If this is you, click follow in the box in The Green Room, and M3 will be delivered to your NB Panorama.

The Alumni Club

These are the best of the Green Room bloggers. Stop by to see who is there and how to get your blog listed!

Widowed Blog Hop

Once a month, the first Wednesday of the month to be precise, The M3 Blog hosts the Widowed Blog Hop. Stops along the way will give you a laugh, advice, a cry and survival stories which will warm your heart. Visit, comment and tell them Red sent you.

The Map

Having a hard time finding your way around? Click on the Map (you already have!) to find out where things belong.

The Office

M3 keeps all the veiled threats of amputation arson retribution for plagiarism here. This is where all of the Legalese lives. Copyright notices, Privacy Policy, terms of service…all of it in one place.

M3 Advertising

Like it or not, M3 has bills to pay. You can use that to your advantage. Scroll over and check out the most reasonable rates in the blogosphere.

The Trophy Room

This is the collection of awards M3 has earned and links to the posts where you will find all those to whom M3 has passed awards. It is another great place to find other blogs to read.

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The front page roll does not exist because so many truly great blogs are frequenters at M3. You can find their links in the Green Room and the Alumni Club on the top menu bar. Have you left a link to your blog?

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Flags From Around The World

Patriots & Ex-Pats

Nifty little flag widget shows from where the M3 readers hail. Even if you are the only one in your country, at the moment, Red keeps a close eye on the M3 Readers location. She likes to consult the row of international clocks on her wall to see if she should tell you good morning or good evening.

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A handy archive tool. Pick a month.

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As described above, DMCA is protecting the intellectual property of Red and M3.

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Right turn, Clyde.

The Million Word Meter

At the top of the right sidebar is a meter showing M3’s progress to getting 1,000,000 words. Everyday it climbs toward the goal. Want to bet when the million arrives? Leave a comment on any post.

Red’s Books

Stop by and pick up a copy of Red’s latest book. Clicking on the cover image will take you to the book of interest. Click on the banner to be magically transported to the RedmundPro book store.

The Filing Cabinet

In the middle of the right sidebar is the Filing Cabinet. Search for your content by looking in the categories of interest.


The green stars come out for those who are the most loquacious. It may have gotten you in trouble in grade school, but talking is encouraged on The M3 Blog.

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Keep going down the right sidebar. These links are the top posts on M3. To help get a post into this list, press the Love! button. M3 does not keep the names or addresses of the button pushers. If you visit something later and still like it, press the Love! button again…No one will ever know, but you.

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