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When we fall in love, it is easy to recite all the things we want. We play our dreams in fast forward inserting Mate into the opposite starring role. Can you hear me asking yet? What do you think happens?

Woe to anyone in a relationship with me. I never read the script. My world is very much ad lib as I have seen no proof the way the world does it works. Needless to say, when I react in a way which is perfectly plausible, albeit sans norm, it can meet with resistance.

Exactly the same, but different.”

Mantra is a minx. (Can you hear her whistling?) She has taken my refusal to recite lines and twisted it ever so slightly.



It is relatively unrecognizable.

You get to play the part of the one without the script. In fact, you get to be the one who has ripped the script into kindling for the romantic fire. Even romantic is not as you remember it. (If you have not seen that one, it will help. Promise.)

Even the title to this one is distinctly not.

Mantra presents this week’s Romantic Monday.

But Not For

I want you, but not for what you think.

You’ve been around the block
Enough to know some things.
I want you as tattler.
You’ve seduced quite a few,
And you speak sweet nothings.
I want you to whisper.
I want you, but not for what you think.

You spent most of your life
Chasing down more money.
I want you to spend it.
You’ve played hard ball all day
And scored against the odds.
I want you to forfeit.
I want you, but not for what you think.

You’ve paved the way and back;
The path is free and clear.
I want you all dirty.
You’ve stayed the course, always,
Stopping to help the poor.
I want you that hungry.
I want you, but not for what you think.

You’ve mapped Happy Acres,
Leveled Depression Falls.
I want you to wander.
You’ve climbed to the summit,
Drunk in the scenery.
I want you down, under.
I want you, but not for what you think.

You’ve breathed air of freedom,
Savored love unfettered.
I want you bound, uptight.
You’ve been the rock leant on,
The anchor in the storm.
I want you to hold tight.
I want you, but not for what you think.

You’ve saved the desperate
From their calamities.
I want you stumbling.
You’ve shored up protection
When tempests came to call.
I want you trembling.
I want you, but not for what you think.

You’ve sung with angels,
Melodies filled with hope.
I want you singing blues.
You’ve kept loads of secrets
And forgiven their lies.
I want you all untrue.
I want you, but not for what you think.

You’ve shone light in the dark,
A beacon for the lost.
I want you to not see.
You’ve kept your promises,
So, grant me this request.
I want you to break me.

I want you, but not for what you think.



If you have not already been by, traipse on over to Edward Hotspur’s place to see the diverse interpretations of romantic for this week’s Romantic Monday. Last week’s choices included musical posts, love letters, poetry and prose, flowers and chocolates and, well, not. A little something for everyone.

Join in the fun or merely stop by to rubberneck the other entries.



Do you read the script? Does Mate? Should either of you? What is your approach when you want to do something new or a different way?

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  1. I’m afraid romance is not possible for me as I’m on meds, but I make a damned good friend and I know I am loved for that! 🙂

    Huge hugs!

    prenin recently posted..Monday – cold, wet and windyMy Profile

  2. I suspect if others knew they would run screaming hair on fire and pants, well never mind.

    What is it that forces others to assume they know? Even when we tell them, no that isn’t it that isn’t what I want. They still think they know.

    I read this three times, each time it passed through my head straight into my heart. I thought yes, that is what I want to say. Then my heart said, no you can’t say that “head on fire”.

    As always, I love you my sister.
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Caught AgainMy Profile

    • I am rather glad the filter which says, “You can’t say that” is disabled. I used the screwdriver through the thermostat technique. 😉 I love you, too. <3

    • Thank you, Sage. I am glad you stopped by for this one. You are one who would do well on Romantic Monday!

  3. ‘bound uptight’ – I like that, Red.

    That sculpture of the kiss – beautiful, beautiful.

    Great poem. ‘Want you not for what you think’ – that is so, so true.
    Noeleen recently posted..I don’t usually take so long … TRUE!My Profile

    • I could not pass the play on words with “bound, uptight”. It is true in many different arenas. Glad to see you this morning <3 xxx

  4. I don’t even know what to say to this.

    I’ll just go read it again and not say anything.

    MJ Logan recently posted..LightMy Profile

    • I always find it perplexing when I write something which makes you quiet. Inevitably, I want to pick your brain.

      • I’d like to pick my own brain lately, or at least find where it has run off to.

        I like the poem. Even on the second and third read, I’m not quite sure what to think. I want to say, just be who you are, don’t try to be something else, and we will stay madly in love.

        Love the kiss by the way, I think I want that for my office.
        MJ Logan recently posted..LightMy Profile

        • I like that interpretation. I tip my hand later this week about this one.

          As to the kiss, you can get it here. I am going to get one on metal for my office.

          Or do you mean the sculpture? I am sure the Louvre would loan it to you 😉 (Writes 8th reminder not to answer comments from tele.)

  5. I don’t know what to say but ‘it’s beautiful’ Red!
    Novroz recently posted..FITP: Little Black BookMy Profile

  6. there’s maturity in them thar words, m’lady!!!

    BuddhaKat recently posted..Will the Real Guy Please Stand Up?My Profile

  7. I hope that you are saving me some of your Turkey Red, oh and plenty of greens too 🙂 I will be calling back to comment on your most recent posting soon but in the meantime have a really happy holiday with your parents and all the children 🙂

    Very Happy Times to You Red 🙂

    Andro xxx

    • Broccoli & spinach Madeline. I shall be sure to have a plate to the side for you, dear friend. And pie to boot. Thank you, and have a wonderful day.

    • Hey Andro,
      Good to read you are alive and well. 🙂
      I see you’ve gone behind the WP curtain…I hope it wasn’t a serious event which caused you to cloak yourself in security…
      Take care my friend.
      Phil recently posted..Blog UpdateMy Profile

  8. no scripts – just o with what I feel – its not what Mate thinls.. I mean anyone i have had or whatnot..

    it seems the feel of it is that you want to do the breaking – you have done this and this and that and I want to turn your world upside down… Mate would most likely think… whatever and its not what they think…we fear rejection and our main mode is – defense not offense – to protect ourselves not hurt others… I want you to break me… how more could you give..but the defenses are there.. for…. wait..breaking mates deffenses down by wanting them completely different – so that you can let your defenses down… wow – billliant Imean if i am right…. I know we all get something different but this one… I want you not as the strong steady person you are but completely vulnerable so i can be vulnerable too…

    Happy Thanksgiving Red <3
    Love you
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Bipolar Bytes; Decking the Halls and Turkey BallsMy Profile

    • Happy Thanksgiving, Lizzie. Glad you are not scripted. I happen to think scripted is boring…or “grown”. I love your interpretation. I shall tell you my thoughts on it a little later. Happy Thanksgiving, dear Lizzie. I love you, too <3

  9. Hi Red,
    Hope you enjoyed your recent holiday. 🙂
    An obvious and intense feeling of desire…that’s what I get from this post.
    I like…. 😉
    Phil recently posted..Blog UpdateMy Profile


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