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X is for Xenophthalmia

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Gesundheit? Probably need all the help they can get! So, let’s go with it.

E is for Editing

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“Who can possibly know what I write better than me?” “The story is great! My wife read the whole thing.” “I use spell check.” If you have ever said one of the foregoing, you might need an editor.

Fictitious Angst

For those of you whose schedules did not permit attending the live chat with me at RedmundPro today, you missed out on an interesting discussion. Feel free to leave more questions, as I will be returning to the threads to answer them. They led to today’s title.

Not All By Yourself

We often are sucked into the solitary nature of writing. It is not something which requires an audience to perform; the keyboard is not conducive to duets; and the fewer people to distract the better. Writing a book is normally just the author and the characters until it becomes an official manuscript.