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The Office

Here are the important notices concerning all posts, pages, images and content on Momma’s Money Matters (http://mommasmoneymatters.com), commonly referred to as The M3 Blog,¬†hereinafter referred to as M3.

(1) All material contained in M3 posts, pages and comments are copyrighted, regardless of copyright notice being posted on each item. Comments submitted to any post or page are considered addenda thereto and become an inseparable part of thereafter.

Nothing contained in this blog may be copied or reproduced in any form without the express, prior, written consent of Ann Marie (Red) Dwyer. Requests for reblogging of any post must be submitted in writing to Ann Marie (Red) Dwyer via United States Postal Service or email.

All guest blog posts are copyrighted. The copyright is held by the author of the original content and is used under express license by M3. Such content, including images attached thereto, are incorporated as original to M3 subject to all terms listed herein. Such content is only available to M3 and the original author. Use thereof is prohibited without the express, prior, written consent of both Ann Marie (Red) Dwyer and the author of the guest post.

All submissions to the Flash in the Pan Challenge are copyrighted. The copyright is held by the author of the original content and is used under express license by M3 and Redmund Productions, a division of PME, LLC. Such content, including images attached thereto, are incorporated as original to M3 and Redmund Productions subject to all terms listed herein. Such content is only available to M3, Redmund Productions, PME, LLC and the original author. Use thereof is prohibited without the express, prior, written consent of both Ann Marie (Red) Dwyer and the author of the Flash in the Pan submission.

All derivative work based on content found on M3 must be linked appropriately to such content with prior written notice given to the author. All rights are reserved to all material contained herein. To receive consent to use material or link for reference, send an email request.

(2) Privacy Policy: M3 does not use readers’ email addresses for any purpose other than the automated correspondence notifications of posts, comments and pages, the frequency of which is governed by the reader via the WordPress dashboard, WordPress¬†user profile or RSS feed reader. M3 respects the privacy of its readers.

Occasionally, an email will be sent in which the link subsequently does not work. This is a malfunction of the notification system. When this occurs, the link may work within 12 hours of the time the email was sent. In the event it does not self-correct, please click on the links in the upper left sidebar to view the newest posts.

Google Ads: Google uses the DoubleClick DART cookie on M3 in the placement of ads to streamline the delivery of relevant ads. These third parties may place or read cookies in your web browser.

Facebook: Your Facebook password will never be revealed. The log in page is offered to help you navigate M3 with less typing to place comments. Some comments on M3 are posted on Facebook to enhance the performance of the posts shared by M3 with Facebook.

Twitter: The addition of the log in button on the WordPress log in screen will not deliver your user name or password to M3. The application is provided for your logging convenience.

Rafflecopter Giveaways: Any and all personal information provided to enter any giveaway hosted by Rafflecopter on any post on M3 is confidential and will only be used to notify winners and to inform users of subsequent giveaways of similar nature, should any such giveaway occur.

Email: Any email sent to Red@mommasmoneymatters.com regarding any post on M3 or containing a question to be answered on M3 may or may not be used in future posts. Identity of the sender will be masked to protect the privacy of the sender and maintain the relative anonymity of the contents of the email.

Any email sent to any personal email address of any author, user or subscriber on M3 with the purpose of reaching M3 will be forwarded to Red@mommasmoneymatters.com and will be subject to the foregoing terms.

(3) No post on M3 is designed to forego, preclude, contradict or replace advice given by a medical or mental health professional. All medical, health and psychological content is designed to encourage open dialogue between patients and physicians.

(4) All how to posts on M3 are designed to impart basic knowledge and are not intended to give readers information to forego professional intervention. Knowledge imparted is borne of interviews by and personal experience of the author.

(5) All accounts contained in M3 are derived from the personal experiences of the author, products of interviews given by the author or derive from course or personal study of the author.

(6) Unless otherwise stated, all images appearing on M3 are one or more of the following:

© is the copyright symbol in a copyright notice

  • Copyrighted images of the author
  • Copyrighted images of featured authors or musicians or artists, used with express consent
  • GNU licensed for non-commercial use
  • Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution or ShareAlike 2.0 or higher
  • Copyright free or public domain
  • Covered by the fair use doctrine
  • Non-redistributable

(7) Memes and Covers, found on the Memes and Covers page, are available for download and distribution on social media provided they are not modified by the sharer or agent of the sharer and the copyright notification is not removed. Any M3 meme or cover should credit The M3 Blog with a link to either the original post containing such meme or cover or the Memes and Covers page at http://mommasmoneymatters.com/the-office/memes-and-covers/ 

(8) Polls conducted on M3 are designed to augment other survey results and are not meant to provide scientific or empirical data for any other purpose than the one used on M3. Results may not be used for any other than their express intent on M3. Any interest in or questions about poll results should be directed to the author via comments on M3 or by email.

(9) Reblogging of posts on M3 is not permissible without prior, written consent of the Ann Marie (Red) Dwyer.

(10) Unless otherwise stated, all posts are written by and copyright attributable to the author, Ann Marie (Red) Dwyer, and owner(s) of M3.

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