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Newest update: 24MAR19

If this is your first time to M3, please pull up a rocker and grab a cuppa. You will find something to read in the Coffee Shoppe, some of the best of the blogosphere in The Green Room and Alumni Club, all of the legal and technical terms of service in The Office. In short, scroll around… There are over 1,000 posts and more than 25 pages to peruse. No boredom here.

To those who are returning, welcome back! My many apologies for the power outage, lost luggage and complete lack of Dramamine during the move. I am so glad you have made it!

Never mind that über annoying “Not Secure” message. All the links from here to other fun places makes Google believe everyone is at risk. Pshaw! I know all the places we go!


All subscriptions have returned to WordPress.  Find out why you should!

  • Default settings for email are every time I post.
  • Posts are available via the WP reader.
  • Likes are disabled. If you like it on the reader, no one will ever know you read it. Drop me a line when you read something. Even if you just say, “Hello!”
  • You can manage the frequency of email from The M3 Blog through the WP digest choices on WordPress.com. If you are signed into WP, you will see a header with your Gravatar picture on the right. Hover over it to change your profile options. This only changes your options on M3 and no other place on WP or on any other WP.org site.
  • Load the RSS feed into your reader.


Beginning 10MAR12, everyone who has not registered will be required to enter an email address to comment. The only reason: Adding your details is the only way for Gravatar to add your information. Here are some email facts:

  • the m3 logo

    The M3 Logo stands for engagement.

    M3 will never sell, rent, share or give away your name or email address.

  • M3 emails via the subscription distribution services.
  • Without adding your email and a screen name, Gravatar can only see your IP address. You will get a randomly generated alien bug, the name “anonymous” and a response which has nothing whatsoever to do with you.
  • It is the biggest weapon M3 owns against the spam bots, which made the move without incident… go figure.
  • You must check the box disclaiming your status as a spambot, or your comment will not post.
  • You will never receive email about comments on M3 unless you specifically check the box to receive it.

Once you input your information the first time, you only have to click in the boxes for a pull down to show what you input the last time. Those of you who forget your screen name now have a crib sheet!

If you come here via outside link, at the top of the comment box is a small WordPress icon. When you click it, you can fill in all your vitals or press the Connect with Twitter button… I have added for your convenience.

Facebook Registration

Using the Facebook login button in the left sidebar will keep you from having to log in for comments. The directions are listed on the registration page.


Scroll around and enjoy the scenery, the camaraderie and the new playground. Feel free to comment on any post, regardless of original press date. If you find something the movers broke, feel free to email me or stop by Ask Momma to leave me a note. See you in the comments.

Click on the M3 banner at any time to get to the front page!

This is Red, your non-spambot captain speaking. I have turned off the No Smoking sign. You are free to move about the cabin.

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