The M3 Players

While we travel through the worlds of parenting, psychology, jobs, marriage, divorce, relationships and parenting psychology, some characters appear to illustrate the scenarios presented in the posts. They are also characters who frequently appear in MAD posts, in the SEP and other society posts.

You know and interact with many, if not all, of these people. They will be presented in a way to keep the M3 Readers from concluding these scenarios are gender-specific or relationship-specific.

The main design is you are able to put yourself into the roles to see how they play and affect the way you think and act. Role-playing is encouraged at M3.



  1. Spouse, either husband or wife
  2. Life or sexual partner
  3. Significant other, either boyfriend or girlfriend

Spouse: Married or in a relationship with Mate

Quaint: Friend or acquaintance

BFF: Best friend

Friend: Third (or fourth) party included in scenes with other M3 Players


Parent: Parent of one of the other M3 Players

Grandparent: Grandparent of one of the other M3 Players

Child: Minor in any situation with other M3 Players, generally age 12 or younger

Tween: Minor between the ages of 9 and 12

Teen: Minor between the ages of 13 and 19

TS: Twenty-Something

Jobs, Work, Services

Colleague: Co-worker, may be a Quaint, but not necessarily

Boss: Supervisor at work, may or not be a Quaint

Partner: Business partner

CSR: Customer service representative


Inner Child: The identity trait which allows us to associate behaviors with our childhoods, real or imagined

Writer Within or WW: The Muse, inner drive to write or create

______ Within: Identity traits which drive us to do things

SMB: Social Media Butterfly

Mantra: Red’s Muse.

Clyde: Orangutan with questions and sharp right turns.

SIB: Stupidest Inbox in the Blogosphere

MAD: Make a Difference

If you run across a player not listed here, email Red to let her know she needs to update the Play Bill.

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