Doncha just hate the sound of a needle across a record? If you are too young to know what that means, go to the Muse for Monday. Otherwise, time for an update!


Things which I need more:

  • Time
  • First run editors
  • Time
  • Hours
  • Time


Things I have a plenty:

  • Projects
  • Almost finished projects
  • I can taste them done projects
  • What do you mean I am not finished? projects

Short & Sweet

Perhaps a macchiato would speed the process?

I am working past my rain delay of the DL. (Please send coffee.) Major progress this week with four back to beta. Seven people failed deadlines. I cannot make up their distance, so they will be in the second wave right about the holidays.

If you wanna…

  • Volunteer photos
  • Work on art
  • Work on video
  • Work on audio

Raise your hand below or in the SIB. Here’s an artistic laundry list:

  • An angel
  • An old shoe
  • A brunette (from the back)
  • A syringe
  • Wedding rings (matched set)
  • Hands (more on this later)
  • Something to go on the front of a book of poetry

If you have the last one, let me know, and I will send you some samples from the book for a better idea.


Please not this out of focus, but I do!

Whether anyone has caught onto the helpful and cooperative theme of Redmund Productions or not, ….

The theme is cooperation and help. To that end, I am asking anyone reading M3 (ever) to submit a photograph of hands. Helping hands, shaking hands (or even handshaking), writing hands, holding hands, children’s hands, hands, hands; oh, and hands.

That’s a Wrap!

Hate to post and run, but I have a burgeoning WIP folder to face. You are all aces! I am surrounded by the most creative, talented people in the blogosphere world.

PSST…Go register for a copy of Samantha’s book, Crazy Courage. The winners of Forty Grains of Black Powder, REDUCED and Building a Strategic Plan for your Life and Business will be getting their books this week. Bwahahaha! No, I am not telling you who won! *grins*

Oh, yeah…more co-op opportunities at the forum! Stop by, say hello, introduce yourself.


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  1. Dear Red,
    I am excited to see the co-op nature of the projects come to play. I look forward to an all inclusive collection of brilliant works, and a marketing plan that will boost exposure of all of our works. The excitement is on the rise! Thank you so much for your vision and dedication.

    Gail Thornton recently posted..Poem – Drunk as Drunk on NerudaMy Profile

  2. Hands? OK. I may have pictures of syringes or maybe it’s needles somewhere. Or do you mean drawings? An old shoe? I’m confused, how long until the clarification post??
    Laurie recently posted..FTPMy Profile

  3. Put the needle on the record,
    Put the needle on the record
    Put the needle on the record,
    And the drumbeat goes like this..

    Bearman Cartoons recently posted..Long Island Medium & HairsprayMy Profile

  4. Lots of Love Red …………
    I know all is Gonna turn out beautifully for you 🙂
    i just do 🙂
    Big heart Hugs 🙂
    I just saw my first double rainbow earlier this evening ——— ! Took pics 🙂 what a sunset .,……..
    May all Your Dreams come True !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    Cat Forsley recently posted..Just Plain Fun – Cat Forsley ©My Profile

    • Oh, I love the double rainbow. I have pix of a few I have seen (where I had my camera handy). I come from a place where it rains…much. Double rainbows are so cool.

      You are so very creative! I adore the recordings <3 Completely heartwarming. Beaucoup amor, mon Chat Doux <3 xxx

      • Nature is sooooo amazing ……………..
        it shocked me my sweet –
        really did ……..
        i have been in rainbow mode for the past week and THERE YOU GO 🙂 🙂 🙂
        i am gonna post some tomorrow 🙂
        Love this feeling of being amazed at everything 🙂
        Total Gratitude for it all 🙂
        ALL YOUR DREAMS will for sure unfold as they should 🙂 all that effort and passion 🙂
        One poem = “Desert” by Red Dwyer …..
        i have been in my own realm of stretching my whole heart – in and out 🙂
        It’s a wonderful feeling
        and i wish that for you and Fam !!!!!!!!!!!
        xo in rainbows 🙂 xo
        !!!!!!!!! C xx
        Cat Forsley recently posted..Just Plain Fun – Cat Forsley ©My Profile

  5. Hi Red,

    Here’s a link one of my pics on Aware Writer. One of my favorites — it’s hands:

    Worse, oh much worse than needles on vinyl are fingernails or broken chalk on a blackboard.

    • I agree entirely…about the chalkboard and the pic. That one is amazing, John. Great to see you tonight.

  6. Oh my goodness. It would be lovely to contribute some work or time. I shall try for photos of childrens’ hands.
    Tess Kann recently posted..Flash in the Pan – SqueakMy Profile

  7. More time, more time, who couldn’t use more time? The most precious of our resources is always in short supply.
    Binky recently posted..Test AnswersMy Profile

    • When I read your comment, I heard the White Rabbit saying, “The time? The time? Who’s got the time?” ROFL! I need a nap. 😉

  8. I despise that sound!

    I love you my heart sister, does that count.

    • But of course it does, my dear <3 Thank you for your many contributions to this venture <3

  9. Sounds good my friend! 🙂

    God Bless!

    prenin recently posted..Tuesday – I visit the Vampyre.My Profile


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