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Hello, my most beautiful and intelligent followers! Did you miss M3? I sure did, especially for the last 72 hours…

Where did you go?

As a few people in southeast Asia were in need of a website, they decided to take M3 on tour. After three tickets, a new firewall (which is hiccupping), seven CSR with a questionable grasp on Google Translate (even when I was not typing in sarcasm font), 1,600 files downloaded and reloaded, a database overhaul, the total loss of a database, thousands of missing pictures, fifteen password changes, and about 18 other things, M3 is back in the blogosphere!

If you would like to hear the full tale, you will just have to wait for a Friday Follies. This post is not about No Daddy or hackers or coding or anything as annoying as all of that. Instead, I am looking for your input.

What do you want?

After more than ten years, I have come to trust the M3 Readers to give me as good advice as I give you. So, here’s the skinny.

I am currently working on my opus. The beginning is nearly complete. It is an enormous poem, which is currently at 7,000 words. The topic is one near and dear to my heart: Words.

If John McDevitt were still here, he would remind me: Words suck. He might be smiling from the afterlife to know there are about 400 lines dedicated to that singular concept.

absinthe fairyThe rest of the poem (thus far) covers such concepts as misleading advertising, self-aggrandizing recitations and courtrooms, to name a few. Mantra has broken most of the glass out of her lantern for this one. Want to help me put in a few panes so she can continue to throw stones? Who knew fairies could haul and hide so many rocks?

Let’s talk about miscommunication. Anecdotes of hoof-in-mouth, autocorrect disasters, Freudian slips… all fair game. The prohibitions to politics and religion have not been lifted. I want to keep our usual amount of decorum, expletives aside of course.

The over-arching goal of this poem is to use all those misplaced, broken, pidgin, eloquent words to frame a philosophy, heavily peppered with social commentary. What? Did you think I had been abducted by aliens? For all the things in my life which change, some things never shall.

See you in the comments,

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