Dear Mantra

Mantra in the Moonlight

Mantra in the Moonlight

The fairy muse does not read so well, especially since she is not proofing to be sure I got what she wants said correct.

Dear Mantra,

After all these years, there are a few things I should say, with most of it being gratitude.

Thank you for getting around to making the words easier to hear. I recall the times the music was far more difficult to translate into words. These days, I occasionally wish for a rewind button. Fortunately, I transcribe in pencil, so I am able to sing it again and correct the ones which would seem like the words of a Nirvana song instead of a poem.

When you go walkabout, the quiet is nice. It is interesting to see what you inspire in others. Sometimes, you go beyond words to do it. It makes for a wide breadth of talent to sing, compose, speak in poetic terms and sit for portraits.

As we have made our way through this third book, I realize there is still so much to do. More to write and more to share and more to explore.

You may as well know, I am still listening. You are the muse most wish they had. I understand what you say without having to interpret or misinterpret. The frankness with which you communicate is immensely satisfying.

Do you think we can do this for another 35 years if I keep up with the notebooks and pencils?

Until next bedtime,

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How does your muse talk to you?

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  1. If a muse is playing with my dreams, then I AM A-Mused! 🙂

    Daydreams seem to be where the stories play out and are enriched and I love to daydream! 🙂

    Love and huge squishy hugs my friend!!! 🙂

    Prenin recently posted..Thursday – Shopping Day.My Profile

  2. I hate it when my muse mumbles instead of carrying on a three-person conversation I can’t key fast enough. Sometimes I wake out a dead sleep because she won’t shut up in my head. Sometimes, I carry on alone when she decides to give me the cold shoulder.
    Tess recently posted..Writing your own Ebook – Part Twelve Finale– Images – and Useful LinksMy Profile

    • I am with you in the wake up and write with one eye forced open enough to at least see the page if I cannot see the words I am writing. xxx

  3. A muse can be a capricious companion, especially for those of us who rely on it to be productive.

    • I have been hearing more lately about those whose muses are on vaca. I just want to know if they have a convention or a beach somewhere…


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