Strength & Weakness: His

Yesterday, we looked at strength and weakness in women. Do we have the same definitions when they apply to men?

Strong Men

We all conjure an image when someone says “strong man”.

Is the first image which comes to mind a body builder or one like this?

Or do you see the strong man sitting at the head of a boardroom table?

Or is he silver-headed or bald?

Or is he wearing a uniform?

Is he a heavy lifter or does he delegate?

Or does he embrace danger?

What does it take to be a strong man?

Weak Men

As with weak women, when someone says “weak man” a specific image pops directly to mind:

The Weak Man by Nguyen Van Phuc

Or were you thinking of a silent, sensitive type? Or maybe the man who comes quickly to tears and terror in the face of danger? Or the man who shows no sexual interest?


The strong man does not conceive of I can’t. He routinely initiates activity in the interest of others as well as himself.  The weak-willed man follows orders, occasionally meeting muster.


His politics, religion and social status echo his strength. He opines unapologetically and logically. The weak man shifts in his beliefs and opinions like wind-drifted desert sands.


Strong men exhibit bravery, steadfastness and compassion. Weak men are impatient, selfish and fearful of and for themselves and others.


A blend of character and belief, honor in a strong man is the carriage of his tenet system which he wields with tenacity and grace. Weak men neither seek nor exhibit honor in their cowardice or maleficence.


A strong man looks at all the possibilities before he commits his resources, strength and name to any venture. He is cognizant of the consequences to those in his charge. A weak man does what suits his desire or base needs without regard to others or consequences.

Stir It Up

Where women can be, and often are, a blend of both strong and weak, men are not. In fact they are discouraged from displaying any sort of weakness whatsoever, as it is considered effeminate and undesirable in a leader, mate or a member of society.

That and More

Strong men are not always musclebound. They have many more assets than those listed here. For the sake of tomorrow’s discussion, we will consider these top five.


If you have not seen Strength & Weakness: Hers, take a moment to read it. Tomorrow, we shall compare and contrast how society views the two.


What qualities not listed here to you ascribe to the strong man?


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