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MantraThere are many ways to escape. Some are physical escapes, which are so much fun. And then, there are the ones which are the fabric of fantasies.


The time has come again.
Restlessness abounds.
Undeniable urge
Must now be satisfied.

So many choices,
Where is the escape hatch?
Where shall we get away?
To flee from life right here.

Perhaps on an island.
Waves licking at beaches
Of pristine sand and water.
Starfish, seagulls, dolphins.

Maybe to the mountains.
Breezes whistling through pines.
Rocks and trees for to climb.
Mountain lions and deer.

There’s always the forest.
Shady and cool by day.
Great cover by nightfall.
Monkeys, badgers and bears.

Shifting sands of desert.
Blazing sun and cacti.
Painted rocks and mesas.
Camels and sidewinders.

Winds on savannah plains.
Waving tall grass fields.
Bending in the warm wind.
Giraffes and elephants.

Or shall we just stay home
And between the pages find
Adventure calling us
Child, woman and man.



What is your favorite place to vacation? If you could go somewhere tomorrow (no expense spared), where would it be? Have you ever considered the setting of a book as a vacation spot?

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  1. I’d take a vacation anywhere, but Australia would be nice, to see my ancestors!
    Binky recently posted..Built-In EntertainmentMy Profile

    • Red

       /  March 27, 2012

      Beautiful country I should like to see as well, Binky. Glad to see you tonight!

  2. Red, I am visiting again because this ‘visit’ is a cool mini- vacation, your poem is wonderful. A vacation, or ‘staycation’ of the mind is almost as good as a trip to Australia and New Zealand if one has wonderful content to read and distract–like your poem. Again, I really like this. “:) ~ R
    Raymond Alexander Kukkee recently posted..Political Sanctions: Punishment for Voting DemocraticallyMy Profile

    • Red

       /  March 28, 2012

      I am so very glad you have returned. I have found many a wonderful place in between the pages of a book. What I find fun is to introduce the cuisine and lifestyle for a week (in the comfort of our own home and language).

  3. I will take the adventures between the pages! I would like to see a giraffe in person one day though. I enjoyed the escape of the poem Red.
    Christy Birmingham recently posted..Musical TuesdayMy Profile

    • Red

       /  March 28, 2012

      Glad you took a trip over, Christy! Giraffes are simply amazing. They have always been my mother’s favorite exotic animal. When we were children she took us to a safari exhibit where we could touch them. The two week old baby was more than twice my height, but silky soft. And that tongue! Very cool…

  4. Being home-bound because of chronic illness, my escapes usually happen only in my mind. But if were healthy enough, I would chose an island.

    When I and my wife had our honeymoon, we had it it on an island-beach. I just love listening to the sound of the waves lapping the shore just before sleeping…

    • Red

       /  March 28, 2012

      You are in good company. Many of us here are lovers of the sea. I am content on the shore or the boat. So restful to be rocked to sleep by the ocean.

  5. I have no idea, but if money were no object…I’d just go everywhere I could. Of course, I would avoid the warzones….not much fun.
    lorrelee1970 recently posted..Don’t Read This BlogMy Profile

    • Red

       /  March 30, 2012

      You and me both. I think my favorite would be a cruise to everywhere on the coast of all the continents.


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