Flash in the Pan

“The house has every amenity you requested, is in the perfect neighborhood and comes with a ten-year warranty.” The Realtor beamed, already planning how to spend the commission.

“Just think, Aiden. Our baby will grow up in paradise.” Maribeth stroked her burgeoning belly.

“How much is this slice of paradise?”

Without batting an eyelash, the Realtor replied, “$841,600.”

Aiden turned back to his wife. “Where do you think that money is coming from?”

She frowned what he at one time thought was an alluring pout. “From your trust fund, honey.”

“Maribeth, you’re delusional.”

Welcome to "Flash in the Pan"

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

Tipping the scales at 92 words against the October limit of 100, this flash features the word delusional. It is the first weekly word of the last quarter of 2013. Already there are authors who have jumped ahead and dived into the new set of words. Are you going to be flashing with us this quarter?

A few short weeks until Finding the Path will be available. Just wait until you see all the never-before-seen flashes in it! Yes, I am getting excited!

Happy Flashing!

How big a goldigger is Maribeth? Is she only thinking this way because she is pregnant? How should trust fund money be spent?

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