Hot Flash

He checked all of the equipment, again. Everything had to be perfect.

She was willing to embark on this adventure with him. He was leaving nothing to chance. Their desire to try something novel was the last stop before divorce court.

This flash is hot!

This flash is hot!

August is here with a 75-word limit, but Hot Flash tops out at 50. This sexy little number hits the mark at 41. The featured word is embark.

Flashes from the BistroToday is the day! Flashes from the Bistro is available on RedmundPro: paperback, Kindle, ebook and PDF. Choose your favorite format.

In celebration of the new release, FTP2 and FTP3 ebooks are offered at a discount, for all of you who are missing an edition or two. Use the code GIMME10 to get 10% off the purchase of either edition (Kindle, ePUB or PDF). The first one will always be free!

For anyone hesitant to buy a flash fiction anthology, check out what the winner of the first three books has to say about holding a flash book in her hands.

What are they going to try? Will the gimmick keep them together? What would you do to keep your marriage together?

Have you left a review for an FTP book?

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  1. In my experience, last ditch attempts are very seldom worth all the blasted last ditching that’s involved. That being said, let’s hope that this one either works, or at least provides one party with a high, deep cliff to utilize in some form or fashion… =)
    troy P. recently posted..Same LoveMy Profile

    • I am with you. What is the point in hitting one more ditch before you total the car? Glad to see you, and I love the cliff idea!

  2. It takes constant work to keep the marriage together. I would try everything I could think of to save it. The words I said nearly twenty-one years ago I still mean, so it is important to make an effort.
    Joe recently posted..Write A Short Story With Me – The Magill Review Edition – Part 3 by MeMy Profile

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