Flash in the Pan

“Why don’t you take out the trash, Marvin?”

He dragged the bin to the roadside.

“Why don’t you mow the lawn, Marvin?”

He pushed the edger beside the sidewalk.

“Why don’t you clean the gutters, Marvin?”

He stopped and inspected his work. He hung the ladder back on its hooks.

The toothy grin spread across his face the way mold takes a rotten squash. Marvin had an idea.


Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

This one comes in at a minimal 70 words against the 150 upper limit for July. Here’s hoping next month when it drops to 100 words, the stories will still stimulate the imagination.

If you would like to join in the Flash in the Pan, take this week’s word, follow the word count and link back to this post. The word for this flash fiction: Idea.

What do you think Marvin’s idea is? Who is asking him the questions? Do the questions give you any ideas? Is this the beginning or the middle of a story?

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