Flash in the Pan

Every surface gleamed. He could see his reflection in stainless counter tops and appliances. Knives so sharp, their edges glittered. Bowls of fruit, spices hung to dry from the racks, prep bowls lined up waiting to be filled: Everything was perfect.

The alarm went off, and he stretched with a huge grin. He was in his uniform in a flash. Report time: 0500.

He stop to snap a salute to the Master Chief as the older man exited the bulkhead. He had enough stripes for two jackets and was the chef the last eight years.

Stepping into the galley took his breath away. Steam poured from every seam. Dirty aprons, missing fingers and burn scars were uniform to everyone on deck. The yeoman pinched himself, hoping this was the dream.

“Get to scrubbing, swab.”

No dream, this was his reality for the next four years underneath the ocean.

Welcome to "Flash in the Pan"

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

The second month of Flashes from the Bistro carries a word limit of 150. This flash comes it at 147. Galley is the first word of the month. Click the sign to join in the fun!

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Could you be a professional chef or work in a kitchen? Could you work in a submarine?

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