Flash in the Pan

The presents were all stacked on the kitchen table. The bin was full of paper and ribbons. The guests were all gone. The leftovers were put away.

Everything on the wish list was right here. It had been the most perfect surprise birthday party ever thrown.

Terry slumped in a chair staring at the treasure trove, too listless to even open one. Her gaze shifted out the window. What good is everything you want when you have no one special to share it with?

Welcome to "Flash in the Pan"

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

Welcome to the third edition of Flash in the Pan. The new words are posted on the FTP Page. Did you catch the first Hot Flash? The theme is emotional words!

This week’s word is listless. The word limit for January is 75 words. This one comes in on the nose.

The deadline for this quarter is 31MAR13. You can start at the beginning, in the middle or at the end. You can do one or all or just a few, but you have to have yours in on time! If you have not already picked up your copy of the first FTP, stop by RedmundPro for a free download.

Happy Flashing!

Have you ever gotten just what you wanted and still not been excited? How much better is it to share your excitement over a gift with someone who was not there to see you open it? Does it make the excitement last longer? Who do you call when you get something fabulous?

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  1. Very fluffy and tame. Nice.
    Yes and then, I’ll return it. I would rather open the gift with the person who gave it to me, but it is exciting to call my friends and relive my gift opening moment…if it’s not one I return of course.
    Lorre Lyons recently posted..If you give your elf some alcohol……My Profile

  2. ooohhhh..that’s a sad story.
    I didn’t know the new quarter has started.
    I will post my latest flash tomorow…just want to let you know 🙂

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