Flash in the Pan

She donned a saccharine smile as she trudged her way up the stairs with the breakfast tray, replete with a single carnation in a bud vase. With the deep breath she took before she opened the door to the bedroom, she cheerfully bid, “Good morning, darling.”

“What time is it? Ya know how long I’ve been up? I’m starving!” he bellowed from the pile of pillows and blankets.

Eggs bounced and stuck on the bed frame with Hollandaise glue when she smashed the tray on the floor. “Not nearly as long as I’ve spent doing everything for you this morning and every other morning, you ingrate!”

When she slammed the door, she dismissed the wondering how he would get downstairs to the telephone to call for help. The smile was knowing she had cut the wires to the chair lift.

Welcome to "Flash in the Pan"

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

September’s word limit is 150, and this flash ducks under at 140 and features the word up.

Do you like the longer flashes? There are a load of flashers far ahead of me on the quest to get into Finding the Path. Feel free to join us! Four books from the FTP Challenge are in print with 30 authors and more than 750 flashes. Grab any of the covers in the slideshow on the right sidebar to be transported to RedmundPro.

If you took the time to make Hollandaise, would you expect the recipient to at least acknowledge the effort? Is she mother, Mate, daughter, grandchild or employee? Would he have worn the breakfast if it was you?

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  1. Definitely his wife, probably his ex wife to be after that insulting episode.

    I think that wearing his breakfast would have been more fitting in the circumstances but then I wouldn’t have been so horrible, hence the deliciousness of the eating would have been rather exciting 🙂

    This is a great little flash Red
    but then, I always love your flashing 🙂 😉

    Andro xxxx

  2. Sounds like the wife to me, too. The closest ones to us usually suffer the most abuse.
    Binky recently posted..WombatmanMy Profile

  3. Without doubt, wife.

    I think we have far more patience for parents and children.

    Perfectly appropriate reaction though wearing it might be better!

  4. I say she is his wife. The marriage is rocky. They are staying in desperate room. She is trying to rekindle the flame and he is fighting her every time.
    JB recently posted..THE CLEAN UP PHASEMy Profile

  1. The Forbidden Spice | Flashes of My Life

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