I Need Blood.

When polled, most people will say more people do not donate blood for religious reasons than any other. The most often supplied excuses are listed here in order of prevalence. Each excuse has a compelling agrument against it.

Top Ten Reasons People Don’t Give Blood
…And the Argument Against Them

1. I am afraid of needles and the sight of blood.

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Every drop is needed.

When surveyed, people who give blood report they feel a very slight pinch at the needle insertion. After ten minutes, they are finished and wondering why they were afraid. The technicians at the blood draw site are trained to make the process as painless as possible.

In many donation sites, you will not see blood unless you are looking at the tubing from the catheter to the blood bag. Most technicians will move the collection bag to a spot out of view to make you feel more comfortable.

2. I don’t have time.

From the beginning of the questionnaire to walking out the door takes one hour. The actual blood draw only takes ten minutes. Your donation of one hour and one pint of blood could save a premature baby, a cancer patient and a car accident victim. Would you give one hour to save three people?

3. No one ever asked. I don’t think my blood is needed.

The United States needs 38,000 donations per day. Someone needs blood every two seconds-everyday.

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Sterile equipment and clothing protect technician and donor.

4. I will get AIDS.

A sterile needle is used on you and then thrown away. It is impossible to get AIDS from donating blood.

5. I don’t have enough blood to donate.

Adults have ten to twelve pints of blood and can replace donated blood in less than 24 hours. Humans can survive with only six pints.

6. I’m too old/sick. They don’t want my blood.

Age is not a factor in determining eligibility to give blood. The only weight restriction is you be at least 110 pounds.

Infectious blood cannot be used. The diseases include: HIV, AIDS, hepatitis, bleeding disorders (hemophilia), blood and lymph cancer, Hodgkin’s disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (Mad Cow Disease) or diabetics who used bovine (beef) insulin from Great Britain after 1980, hemochromatosis, tuberculosis, intravenous (IV) drug users (risk of hepatitis and HIV/AIDS). All of these people need blood.

7. My blood type is rare. I’ll wait until there is a need.

There is always a need and most especially for rare blood types. You should give so a crisis situation does not occur.

8. My blood is not the right type.

If it is a common type, the demand is high. Most people who need blood will have your type. If your type is rare, there are very few donors, which makes the supply very small. All blood types are needed everyday.

9. I already gave blood this year.

You can donate blood every fifty-six (56) days. Some donors give blood five times per year.

10. I don’t want to feel weak when I donate.

Healthy adults have no after effects from donating blood. You have more than enough blood in your body to donate without weakening your system. Most donors go about their day without interruption.

Starve the little muggers.

Very few people are prohibited from giving blood. Even fewer choose not to donate blood for religious reasons, which is why it does not make the list. The top ten reasons more people don’t give blood can easily be argued against. Choose to save lives. Give blood.

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  1. I used to give blood at the Red Cross years ago. Gave blood each time I was eligible again when I worked at Thomas Jefferson. I ought to put that on my to do list again.

    It always cracked me up when I finished giving blood at the Red Cross and a little old lady would help 6-2, 200+ lb. John walk back to the donuts and coffee.

    Then there was the time the Red Cross nurse asked me to loosen my necktie. I wondered aloud who invented tourniquet neckties and she responded with an evil grin, “Probably the same bastard who invented the brassiere.”


  2. Hi hun! 🙂

    I used to give blood regularly (every six months), but now I’m on medication so I can’t according to my doctor.

    Love and hugs!


    • But you did, which is always a good thing. Just remind your friends to do it!

  3. After years and years of wishing to donate blood and procrastinating I eventually started to donate. After 3 pints I had to stop as I had been placed on blood pressure tablets. It was a pity as my group is B- so not common.
    Nigel 😉

    • Be sure to tell your friends and family to donate! Those who cannot can advocate! Have a great afternoon, Nigel! Red.

  4. We used to have the mobile unit come to our office at past job every 6 months. Was always a convenient way to donate, and we got out of work for a few minutes 🙂


    • I think it is great when businesses promote donating blood! It is good for everyone involved. Employees get a break, and the blood supply goes up. Thank you for stopping by to comment, Karen. Red.


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