Not an Apology

With more striking regularity, I find myself unavailable to commune with my computer. Necessarily, this means I do different work.

Although technology offers me more and more ways to connect whilst I am away from my office, there are portions of life which do not allow the intrusion of technology, my boardroom notwithstanding.

Number 1

Two sons and three Vs.

Two sons and three Vs.

My children. You all know I have a busload of children. The last few weeks have seen my older children in varying degrees of needing Momma for all things from advice to intervention. Technology helps me stay in touch with my children and to resolve a plethora of their issues. It will never intrude on my time with my children. Ever.

To that end, The M3 Blog has fallen neglected in the interim. (No, that is not an apology. It is an explanation. The two vary greatly.)

Number 2

Work. One would think a blogger and publisher would spend all working hours at a computer. In fact, I do anything but. Mantra still prefers pencil. I have been story boarding the sequel to Charitable Darkness (which is the sequel to Darkness Introduced). Yes, I am working on the third installment before the second comes out of beta.

I have also been doing much more in the FAB world to put my hands on the lives of the people for whom I care very deeply. It has involved thousands of miles, hundreds of telephone calls and an ocean of coffee. In a few cases, it has involved a paintbrush. (Still no apology.)

Number 3

caduceusHealth. In the past, you have seen me work to the point where I could no longer function. I made a promise to someone who cares for me more than most anyone else ever has I would not work until I dropped any more. This person made it really simple by saying, “I need you more than your jobs ever will.” It is hard to argue with logic so utterly simplistic.

I listened. When I get to the point my eye is twitching (which is more often than I like) and my hands are not willing to cooperate (which is disturbingly more often), I am not working. (This is everything except an apology.)

Number 4

Friends. FAB friends are something everyone needs. Regardless of how self-sufficient any of us are, we need people in our lives to help us keep our perspectives and realize it is not always about (us, our catastrophes, our victories). Of late, I have been spending more time with friends whose demands range from a ride somewhere to sharing a glass of wine with heartfelt conversation.

No matter how you may have read the preceding paragraph, my interactions with my friends are not merely what I can do for them. Plenty of times it is about how they can help me. Friendship is never a one-way street, even though it is never a 50-50 split.

Number 5

Red DwyerMe. While much of my life is defined by the things I do for others, the remainder is defined by what I do for myself. It includes things like pedicures and massages. It also includes visits to the doctors and walks around the park. Probably the most important time I spend on myself is the time I do absolutely nothing.

There is no stimulus, sometimes even no light. No Crackberries. No telephones. No email. No contact. Simply nothing. I recommend it to everyone.

Still Not

This is not an apology. Just like the bullet list was a surprise to many, this is merely a list of what fills my days these days.

And I miss you.

What fills your days?

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  1. An occupied mind will always find something to do when the main things go out. It’s a lot like when the storm knocks out the power.
    JB recently posted..AT THE MAYORS OFFICEMy Profile

  2. No apology needed me thinks…I am thrilled you are doing things for you..your health and all of it..I miss you like crazy being wrapped straightening up my own mess and admit a bit of jealousy…cause if werent separated by physical distance a glass…bottle of wine would be lpvely..a given and that would be gravy..icing..the best. Love you and will.hold tne thought
    <3 lizzie
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..The Time has Come the Walrus Said…My Profile

    • One of these days, we will be on the same telephone until I can get you close enough for wine. <3 Love you, too. xxx

  3. I’ve made assumptions. A while back you mentioned extra medical visits and long drives to and from appointment. I figured these are filling your life. Apology? Are you kidding.

    That you have wrangled time for yourself and are not working your fingers off their knuckles, pleases me no end.

    Time flies, Red, as does our good health when we take care of everyone but ourselves. Nice to hear from you though. 😉
    Tess Kann recently posted..Flash in the Pan – LocoMy Profile

    • I am hoping to be around more often, as I am still working on projects here, there and yonder. I miss being here far more than I like to admit. xxx

  4. I miss you too, and am very glad you made this post today. You sound more at peace with the world than you have in a long time here, and I don’t really know what that means. I do think the time to yourself has been healing. I am so happy you have listened to those who love you and know that I love you more than I can say. xxx
    Gail Thornton recently posted..Prose – A Flawed LifeMy Profile

  5. I’m glad you are not working yourself as hard as you used to. I still miss you, though.
    Binky recently posted..Eye TestMy Profile

    • I miss you! Not to worry, I will be back around sooner than you may imagine. I have lots of Wombie shenanigans to catch up and Little V is ready to read them all to me. 😉

  6. I miss you too. Though with all that is going on in my life it is very easy to understand that the computer is not our world. 🙂 But…. HI!!!!
    C. Brown recently AthairMy Profile

  7. I am pleased that you are not working until you drop these days, that is a very good sign that finally you are beginning to realise that we care about you, yes of course me too, silly 🙂

    You, as do we all have our own personal liife away from the computer, okay so we like, sometimes need to post this, that and the other, have countless projects on the go, places to be, things to do but working ourselves to the point of exhaustion is not part of the programme and I am happy that you are changing how you get things done.

    By the way I really like your most recent photograph, you look fit and healthy, ready for anything but hey enjoy all of your time away from M3 and RP, or else? 😉 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • I have enjoyed it. I am ready to be back at the screen and see some brilliant things for me to write, as well as some interesting things Clyde is filing away. *curtsies sweetly* You are far too kind. 🙂


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