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Wordless Wednesday: Homesick



Jones Creek Lake 1977

Lake Life


Monty and Red

Monty and Red

Four Generations

Four Generations


What's wrong with this picture?

What’s wrong with this picture?


I do not miss pig prints on my truck.

I do not miss pig prints on my truck.









I am homesick.


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  1. I always wanted a pet pig 🙄

  2. Hi Red. The pics are beautiful (family portraits are gorgeous) and I always wanted a pet pig too….but a little one (can’t imagine a 400-lb “dog” jumping into my lap…lol).

    I’m sorry you’re homesick. 🙁

    • It is something Bear and I are working to rectify. She was only about two months old in that picture of her in the lake. She weighed about 200 there. By the time she was eight months old she was well over 400 pounds. Pink pigs will range from 700 (female) to 1100 (male) pounds.

      And yes, she wanted you to sit on the ground so she could sit in your lap… ooof.

  3. The only thing wrong with the picture is the piglet in the background is stealing your spotlight.

    I’d be homesick for the lake especially, the wide open spaces (it looks like, maybe a farm?) and family.

    • The only things we ever raised on that property was fish, hay, a handful of cattle and hogs and horses. Mostly just pets, though.

      And yes, that is one of four lakes (and the smallest one at just over four acres). The children swam for Thanksgiving…I miss that weather.

  4. authormjlogan

     /  February 22, 2012

    My guess… Your shoes are the wrong shade of red for your blouse? (I still think they look good, I guess that means I’m wrong.)

    Well, I won’t guess anything else, I’d hate to get in trouble.

    Wait!!! I just thought of this. I always wear my watch on my left wrist, Yours is on your right… Is that It?

    • HAHAHAHA! The shoes are the Educational Shoes. No, the pic in the background 😉 And I am a southpaw. Watch on the right!

  5. My grandparents had a farm and two pet pigs called Pinky and Perky after two characters in a children’s puppet show on TV – great imaginations, huh? 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  6. Make that TWO characters! LOL!!!

    Damned typo’s…

  7. Wonderful photos, Red…
    I can easily understand why you are missing that place…

    • It does not hurt I was spoiled by thirty-ish years there. One grows accustomed to a certain brand of dysfunction which is often upset when an entirely different brand is introduced.

  8. I’m so sorry. I know what it’s like to be pining and aching for the place you love. Maybe someone would send you some food from there? A call home? Sometimes I watch movies of my homeplace. Take care of your heart.

    • I cook food from home all the time…I have coffee from home shipped here so I am not subjected to the cup’o’mud served here in place of real coffee…I commute home when I can (850 miles one way), which surprisingly does not upset the little ones.

      And when I am lucky, Momma comes to see me dragging along Poppa or a sister or both. I am still one of the lucky ones who can talk to Momma everyday.

  9. I have enjoyed looking at your photograph’s
    Red and I spotted your Red shoes straight away,
    now as for the piglet in the background, or is it
    just a far out pig (Far Out 🙂 lol) makes me sound
    like a hippy that one… It is rather uncanny but
    I have always been surrounded by left handed
    females, nooooooooo I am not running a Harem
    but I do remember that fact… Okay, as I am now
    in witter mode I will return to My Gothic Realm
    and ponder what I will be having later with my
    nightly / early morning cuppa 🙂

    And No It’s Not Creepy Chocolate Cake 🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx

    • She was a complete mess. You could not be anywhere with a camera without her. She was constantly using my bumper to scratch her back…hence the comment about pig prints.

      LOL! Cannot be going and having all that sugary sweetness for breakfast, eh?

      Wishing you a ferociously, frightful Friday, my friend 😉

      • Oh I would have an extra large slice of that chocolate cake if I could, it is just that the cupboard is bare, hey I am using that word a lot lately, bare, bear, and…

        Anyway… I am all out of chocolate cake at the moment so it will have to be some boring toast or some sugar puffs with ice cold milk on them 🙂

        Have a nice time this evening Red 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

  10. Not a dang thing wrong with any of the pics! I know about being homesick. I still miss home, horribly sometimes. Even though my boys are here in Dallas and it is a good reason to be here, I don’t love it and can’t seem to call it home.

    Maybe soon it will be time for brunch (after the madness of Mardi Gras)


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