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Mantra in the MoonlightMantra has not abdicated her post. Quite the contrary. She is a mere poem away from finishing her third book.

It is entitled Mantra’s Battle Cry. Thus far, the hands helping me to lay it out are convinced it is properly named. She sat for the cover photo months ago, when she was insistent she did not want 100 poems in the book. I declined. It will have 100 poems.

We had a little tiff over what would appear today. Obviously, since fairies cannot type, I won.

Non-Love Story is the title of today’s offering. I probably like it best because its claim of my illiteracy is actually staked in the real world. You may well be amazed how many believe I do not speak English. (My American may be rusty…)

The title, especially in light of the title of the book into which it belongs, may lead you astray. Quelle surprise, non?

Non-Love Story

If I sat down to write a love story,
I’d be accused of illiteracy.
Not because I don’t know all the words.
The way I use them seems so contrary.

My gifts don’t come from florists or gift shops.
Chocolate is much more fun out of the box.
I want different things tied with that ribbon.
I never want you to even think “Stop!”

Such creative ways we diffuse anger,
Twist the abusive world for our pleasure.
Ravenous appetite fuels the frenzy.
Who cares if the screaming wakes the neighbors?

Fireworks fade and darkness settles in.
Once jangled nerves hum on the same wavelength.
Here the thorns are as sweet as the roses.
It makes me want to climb into your skin.


Is it a love story or not? Did the poem make you laugh?

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  1. A feel a little heat here, I hope for all the right reasons. 😮
    Tess recently posted..Day 20, Part 1 – Flight to GuangzhouMy Profile

  2. Love story, yes. Of a different nature, yes. But then, such is the way with some of us. Love stories take their own paths through forests full of ‘other’.

  3. I love this one Red, and I agree let the screams resound well into the night, the neighbours are probably all too boring to remember the sweetness of the moment, so bully for them ;0)

    Just wondering about that ribbon, no I’m not… lol

    Have a fantastic rest of evening, a Friday of exquisiteness and a weekend of non stop screams ;0)

    Andro xxx

  4. I tried subscribing again but it keeps adding an error message, I will try again on my next visit Red 🙂 Have a lovely evening my dear friend.

    Andro xxx

    • If it is not fixed (or in your spam folder), let me know. xxxx

      • Strangely I have now got a new picture, or should I say no picture when posting here, it is bizarre I know but it will sort itself out eventually 🙂 I think the reason being is that I used a different email, the one I mentioned to you before but I will sign out and try again with my original one, hmm, technology sucks sometimes 🙁 lol

        Be wicked 🙂

        Andro xxx


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