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Very rarely are things as they first appear. This is not true because of deception, but it is true because of self-deception. It is not a knowing practice. We do it without ever knowing what we are seeing is not truth. How do we clear the vision?

The first thing we must do is realize we are not looking at what we see. Second, we have to divorce ourselves for our preconceptions. Third, we have to be willing to stop. Want to step out of your bubble? What is on the outside of it?

Perspective Vision

We come to every situation a sum of our integral parts. We look at things from the combined vantage points of our sex, age and experience, among many others. These are the shimmery colors which make bubbles so pretty. The sheen distorts what we see to align with what we know about ourselves.


The word is much maligned when it is put into action. Do not assume you know what prejudice means here, as we are not going to use the PC definition you hear abused in the media and public conversation. No knee jerk reactions. No intolerance. No dastardly deeds.

We are going to use prejudice’s most simple definition: preconceived judgment or opinion, especially without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge.

In most situations, we judge what we see. How one-dimensional is that? We have five senses for a reason. Many things are not as they appear or sound when we take the time to investigate with our other senses… especially the most neglected of all… common sense.

Want To

MantraKnowing the hurdles to understanding others, we have to make the conscious choice to step away from what we think we know to always be true. Rarely is anything always one particular way. In order to make the decision to see the truth, we have to be willing to admit we do not know everything, and then, we must act to learn.

Mantra wants you to see something about assuming we know enough, accepting our sight as infallible and thinking our impeccable hearing means we understand the things meant of what we hear. In short, she wants to make the Bubble burst.

Bubble Burst

Inside the bubble, the wind never touches your skin,
nor the rains fall on your head.
The iridescent glimmer makes all you see sparkle
with bright firework color.
You’ve no idea the curve of the bubble distorts all
you’ve ever seen, heard and said.
Ignorantly assuming your perception is
the reality others share.
One day, you notice someone looking into your orb and wonder
why they stand and stare.
You examine them closely to notice flat eyes staring through you.
Are they undead?
Between bubble shimmers you see the skin,
ghostly and rubbery in its pallor.
In the blink of an eye, they leap into action.
No, not slow, but blinding instead.

With the flick of the  wrist, the bubble bursts and
what you see is certainly not dead.
You notice hair, clothes, lips and brows. The pale tones replaced
with healthy glowing color.
Contrasting your first glimpse and guess, you feel desire
replacing initial dread.
Gentle is the touch leading you away from the broken globe
with special care.
You ease  into the safe arms, clasp the offered hand and find
strong trust, but do you dare
Let down your guard, tear down the tower wall, be free with one
so new, not yet vetted?
Deep in your chest your heart cries out for your mind to succumb
to its steady tremor.
When it does, you then know the warmth and comfort
of a new love freshly discovered.


Have you ever been surprised to find yourself attracted to someone, either as Mate or Quaint? Have you had the soapy film between you burst to see the true colors of the world around you? What are the dangers of only looking in one place for the love of friends and mates? Can you see how pervasive prejudice is beyond the public/media abuse of the word?

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  1. I will give you an example of Truth Red.. Once upon a time it was thought the World was flat scholars at the time said it was so.. Until it was proven different and it was discovered the world was round.. Even at the time of discovery many thought Columbus Mad as they thought he would sail right off the end of our Earth..
    Many things have been taught as Truth which Historians have told us-‘this is truth’.. Now Quantum Science is saying many truths we have been taught is no longer the Truth, but assumption…. And many ‘Truths’ have been hidden from the population Because if we knew the real Truth we would re-gain much of our wisdom.. We learn through our indoctrinated upbringings as perceptions of our elders and teachers and through literature of the time.. We live in exciting times of change Red, and our Truths of what is ‘Real’ or ‘Surreal’ are also changing.. As we learn we are More than we thought we were… And our Earth is also more than what we perceive it to be.. But let me stop! Before my soap box and maybe I burst a few more bubbles! Hehe!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 xxx
    Sue Dreamwalker recently posted..Natures Balm.~ Grow Your Own~My Profile

    • Red

       /  May 15, 2012

      Those are the soap bubbles which need to fill the world. They are the cleansing kind. I am a natural skeptic. My mother swears I should have been born a Missourian. (Missouri is the Show Me State.) I believe less than half of what I see and less than 1/3 of what I hear. It drives my curiosity and fuels my inquisitiveness. You are more than welcome to the soapbox. <3<3<3 Red. xxx

  2. I’m afraid that common sense is not used nearly enough. I have always thought humans are quite capable of being attracted to others –in fact it is more likely unnatural NOT to be attracted to others. In every human being, there are characteristics to which we are attracted . It would be delusional ‘living in a soap bubble’ to naively assume there cannot be outside attractions –and in fact it may be psychologically damaging to deny such attraction(s).
    It is equally naive to assume the PTB in government, religion, and science have ever revealed all truths to us. We do live in a bubble that needs to be removed. I agree with Sue entirely– access to our own wisdom has been impeded systematically–but eventually all truths will be revealed. Building knowledge on a foundation of ‘assumptions’ is flawed logic and bubbles inevitably will be burst. The soap bubble distortion and rainbow of colors might be reasonably compared to the naivety of wearing ‘rose colored glasses’ in life.
    Raymond Alexander Kukkee recently posted..The Intruder: What’s This?My Profile

    • Red

       /  May 15, 2012

      I considered the “rose-colored glasses” theory, but find it so much more complex than merely shading the truth. We do have intentional blockages to systematic knowledge, regardless how shameful. It is high time for an awakening of the inner inquisitive nature we hide as we age. It is the flip side of “Q is for Questions” we will definitely explore. Good to see you today, Ray.


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