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Mantra coldIt seems the pixie’s mind is awash with heady topics: right and easy.

Seems the two are not often correlated. No one readily perceives them as opposites. Mantra is on a mission to elucidate precisely how the two are opposites. To her, it is all just black and white.

Right and Easy

Loving you is right.
Sex with you is easy.
Listening to you is right.
Hearing your words is easy.
Sharing everything is right.
Giving what’s asked is easy.
Being partners is right.
Being teammates is easy.
Knowing you is right.
Public info is easy.
Protecting your heart is right.
You being an adult is easy.
Letting you in is right.
Sitting beside you is easy.
Trusting you is right.
Holding your hand is easy.

Seeing the good is right.
Judging the bad is easy.
Tearing down walls is right.
Cowering for safety is easy.
Strengthening us is right.
Sharing a table is easy.
Savoring the present is right.
Investing in the future is easy.
Releasing the past is right.
Retelling stories is easy.
Knowing the consequences is right.
Seeing the reward is easy.
Living within means is right.
Borrowing the future is easy.
Asking why is right.
Compliance is easy.

Questioning me is right.
Assuming to know is easy.
Chasing dreams is right.
Wishing for better is easy.
I want what is right.
Do you want what is easy?

How often do we know what is right and do what is easy? Why is it not as easy to do what is right?

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  1. Sometimes the right thing is not easy, but we still choose to do it regardless of the eventual cost to ourselves.

    THAT is what makes us better than those who choose the easy option and go with the flow… 🙂

    God Bless!

    Prenin recently posted..Saturday – More kiddy troubles.My Profile

  2. Red,

    Well, my dear, you got them all right… and, I suspect, given your muse, it was, indubitably, easy to do so… How does that fit in?

    *shy/sly grin*

    Good to see you back here; it means you had a free moment or two…

    Oh, and, good one; it is, I think, the kind of poem that will insinuate itself into unsuspecting minds, leaving them with something they weren’t expecting…

    Ta, then, milady

    gigoid, the dubious

    gigoid recently posted..Sublimation of the need to kill….My Profile

  3. Most people seem to do what is easiest regardless of whether it is right or not. I guess we’re just plain lazy half the time, or maybe we just don’t care enough.
    I did a comic strip on that a while back:

  4. Nice to see you back, Red.

    I like this one. Alas, easy is not always best, but we tend to do it anyway. It takes character to do what’s right no matter the consequences. I can also see doing the easy if compelled by circumstances.
    Tess recently posted..Shanghai, Day 10, Part 3 – The Old Bazaar and MoreMy Profile

  5. first, your f’ng love button isn’t working again (for me). Hate that damned thing sometimes.

    Love the rest though.

  6. I love this piece of writing as it offers such an in depth feel to life and the realities that sometimes are exaggerated or left unsaid.

    I like your right and easy way of showing these thoughts and the flow is just awesome. Having everything easy would seem to be a welcoming experience but without the struggles how can one know the easier way of living?

    I prefer the living it through together no matter what happens kind of life, as it is the only way of knowing the true love that is within. Thank you for adding such a marvellous posting Red and for being such a lovely friend also 🙂

    Have a Happy Monday my dear Red 🙂

    Andro xxxx


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