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The time of year is coming when Americans venture across the country. The travel season is here. Vacations from school. Holidays from work. Summer time filled with road trips and flights and vacation fun. Is travel all it is cracked up to be? Mantra wants you to know what she thinks.

It seems, we are always ready to go, but once back home, we are glad to be done with it. Since I am a driver, we spend hours in the truck. A. Lot. Of. Hours. In the truck. Mantra likes my truck almost as well as she likes her lantern. Off The Road is a fairy’s eye view of road tripping.

Off The Road

Ten more miles.
Feels like thousands.
The odometer
Squeals in protest
Of the climbing
Numbers report.
Pulling over.
Now’s not the best.

Pushing on through
Around the curve
It’s the last test
Of the resolve
To see our home.
Finally, here
To stop and rest.

All bone weary.

No bags unpacked.
Not unloaded.
Purse on console.
All bone weary
From the journey.
It’s over where
We’re the safest.

Whoever said,
“Home is where the
Heart is,” never
Set on a quest
To trek across
The whole country
Or that adage
Is merely jest.

In coming home,
Find familiar
Sweet aromas,
Sounds the softest,
Most comforting.
Warm furniture.
Best tasting food.
Coffee richest.

Fun and pleasure
One of the best
But coming home
To family
Wins–No Contest.



Have you been here? What goes through your mind during a road trip? Do you enjoy traveling? What is your favorite part of a vacation?

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  1. I love traveling, and I want to go by car. I want to stop, and visit, and ask questions, and eat in places that never will make the guidebooks. I love driving across long stretches of prairie or desert with no traffic and the music up loud – and I love coming home to think about it, and google things, and learn even more about where I’ve been.

    The only thing I don’t like about traveling is coming home to my kitty, who will be under the bed, snarling, and who will now and then make me sleep on the sofa, just to express her displeasure with this whole “gone” thing.
    shoreacres recently posted..Godot Gets a GigMy Profile

    • Red

       /  May 7, 2012

      ROFL! Linda, I think you must have the close cousin or sibling to my old cat. He was much the same way. The only thing he hated worse than me being gone was moving.

  2. This particular year for me has been one of much travel and living out of a suitcase during the week for well over half the weeks. When I was younger, this kind of travel was energizing. Now it seems, returning to the comforts of home is much, much sweeter.
    Phil recently posted..Music Passion – May EditionMy Profile

    • Red

       /  May 7, 2012

      I think knowing you are not going to enjoy, but to work, sucks a good deal of the energy out of the trip. I know I cannot stand the trips where my time is obligated once I arrive. Those are the trips even I am asking, “Are we there yet?”

  3. Why does returning home seems longer than the trip leaving?

    I believe you’ve captured the trip well. I can almost hear the poor truck complaining.
    Tess Kann recently posted..Tick Tock, Tick TockMy Profile

    • Red

       /  May 7, 2012

      LOL! Because on the way there, you are excited and watching the scenery and looking at everything. On the way home…well, you have seen it all already. My truck is a trooper. 50K miles a year.

  4. I think the older you get, the more comfort you find in being home.
    Binky recently posted..People Are the Same All OverMy Profile

    • Red

       /  May 7, 2012

      I think the older I get the more I want to move into an RV and travel full time. My pull behind is fun, but I want one where I can tow a car instead of the other way ’round.

  5. I love road trips, the scenery, the adventure and flexibility in being able to stop when you want. And no matter how fun the trip was, it’s always great to be home! 🙂
    LScott recently posted..Illumination – HaikuMy Profile

    • Red

       /  May 7, 2012

      I prefer the road trip to most any other form. I still need to take a cruise to see if I like those, but I prefer road trips even to voyages. The ocean all looks the same after a few days.

  6. The destination! Since travel for me is always such a weird thing, work or vacation sometimes is mixed together I have to choose.

    Real vacation? Always the Destination, whether flying or driving….it is always getting there that is the best.

    It is easier to ask me where I haven’t been.
    valentinelogar recently posted..Inside Domestic AbuseMy Profile

  7. Oh I love road trips,travelling is the best part of vacations ..I love road trips and train journeys, and hate flying
    that poem is so beautiful;loved it a lot 🙂
    Home has comforts and we have fun here too but nothing beats trekking and splashing in some stream in the mountains..
    Soma Mukherjee recently posted..Curio’s Incredible Journey -4 By Stuart YoungMy Profile

    • Red

       /  May 7, 2012

      You join a large mountain crowd around here. I prefer the beach…but then again, I live in the mountains. Glad you liked this one!

  8. I love to go on the open road in a truck – big truck. Used to do it and it was the best cause of who I was with and who cares where we were going. I get a little edgy being in the car with the kids too long.. I am asking are we there yet more than they are. I never want to come home from the beach and ..if it had worked out right I would have happily lived on the road. In between here and there or there and here – you just live. the biggest worry is where you might stop to pee. Living not here not there..just where ever you happen to be, in that moment in that spot. It’s cool
    Lizzie C recently posted..Kick Ass! Mental Moment that isn’t Mid-AfternoonMy Profile

    • Red

       /  May 7, 2012

      That is why I am thinking my address will be a license plate in another decade-ish. As much as I love home, I love being away.

  9. Vacation? What’s that? Traveling all the time between my home and my Dad’s (2 1/2 hrs) right now and hate it. B an I are taking a long weekend away his month, and I hope it’s good. I suspect it will be very tiring though.
    Angela Young recently posted..Help, I’m out of control!My Profile

    • Red

       /  May 8, 2012

      I think you and Phil have the same issue. Travelling because you must is not nearly as fun as travelling for its own sake. Good luck on your weekend!

  10. Loved it – Winnebago’s are starting to appear on our roads. We live in a small country! The can shut villages down!

    • Red

       /  May 8, 2012

      LOL! They are not yet making a comeback here. It is so sad to see the lots filled to overflowing with them, but not so many on the road. I am looking forward to this years travel with the camper, but I have the wants for a big RV (motor home type). The prices are beginning to come down 😉

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