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Yes, I have been missing.

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Apparently, WordPress knows I am on vacation. It ate today’s post. No worries, it has been rescheduled to tomorrow.

Muse for Monday


The time of year is coming when Americans venture across the country. The travel season is here. Vacations from school. Holidays from work. Summer time filled with road trips and flights and vacation fun. Is travel all it is cracked up to be? Mantra wants you to know what she thinks.

Home again, home again…jiggety jog

OK, so this is the skinny. I have been on the road for more than 26 hours and more than 2,000 miles between 1530 Monday and 0230 Saturday, which, incidentally, means I have 0.325% power left, more than 100 unanswered comments, another five voice mails…still…, three blog posts with no pictures and two segments of […]


A picture is worth a thousand words. The road is long, but the trip is short. Stop to enjoy the flowers… Even those with no smell. Better to have partaken and disliked, Than to have never taken the chance. Goodnight. Red. © Red Dwyer 2012 All images are copyrighted to Red Dwyer 2012, all rights reserved, […]